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Argentine native Tito Saenz Rozas was born into a life of fishing. As the grandson of the late Jorge Donovan, Tito has a genetic link to fly fishing’s aristocracy. Donovan was considered the dean of Argentine fishing, from the time that he and the legendary Joe Brooks introduced fly fishing in Argentina to the rest of the world. The history of their travels and the mark they left on Argentine fishing has inspired Tito as he has pursued his own fishing career, which he then blended with his art.

Formally trained in architecture and influenced by the famous Argentine painter and character artist Molina Campos, Tito used his guiding and fishing experiences to express personality through birds, fish, and even inanimate objects. He writes,

“In my caricatures I’m always trying to create a different personality. Even if it is something like a house or a boat, in my paintings they will have character. With animals I like to show the personality through the eyes. You can see a fish laughing or maybe a bird angry or sad. I think that everything has a soul and in my paintings I’m always trying to find it.”

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Gordon Allen grew up in Maryland where his passionate love of the outdoors was nurtured by years spent hunting and fishing the marshes of the Chesapeake Bay. He illustrated his first book on the outdoors at age twenty and has gone on to contribute illustrations to more than twenty books and to many magazines as well. Clients at our lodges may know his drawings that have appeared in The Angling Report and Bird Hunting Report newsletters for years.

Over the years he worked at learning the etching medium and eventually established a business selling his etchings in galleries across the USA. Etching freed him from having to illustrate, allowing him to focus on painting, and his paintings are done in watercolor and oil.

Most of his smaller paintings are done en plein air in the American Impressionist tradition, while larger work is accomplished in the studio. His work is in hundreds of collections across the country.

He lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife, two dogs and a cat.

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