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Fishing Reports
Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
Beginning of season 2015. By Fergus.

Beautiful sunny days mixed with torrential storms and strong winds continue to keep us on our toes. The water is clear and currently high, but dropping, and good numbers of fish are spread throughout the system. We’re also catching some BIG fish: a few in the 10 to 13 pound range, as well as many in the sporty 5 to 7 pound class.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season 2014 - By Anne and Ken Perkinson

As another fishing season draws to a close, we’d like to begin this season’s summary by revisiting a few of our favorite moments…

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season 2014 - By Alejandro Martello

Guiding and fishing the best beats on the best sea-run brown trout river in the world is a luxury. Every morning brings a heightened sense of anticipation, knowing the big-fish potential that lies within reach of every good cast. This is why I love the Rio Grande. And this season has been one of the best in recent memory.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season 2014 - By Fabián Anastasio

The best parts of being a guide are opportunities to explore and fish exciting new waters. And searching for dorado, pacu, and two subspecies of pira pita at our newest fly-fishing destination—Alto Parana Lodge—has been awesome.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season 2014 - By Matthew Solon

Living and working at a fishing lodge for a full season no matter what fishery you are on is a unique experience. Living in such close quarters with a small group of people they become the closest thing to family you have, memories and experiences are shared leaving you the better person for it, while each day you find yourself constantly reading your guests and the river each being as variable as the other.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
March 2014 - By Ray and Ann Shewnack

The fishing in March was classic South Andros. The weather settled in to its traditional patterns. We had partly cloudy to clear skies with moderate winds on most days. Overall, fishing was quite good. Anglers reported 8 to 20 fish landed from most boats each day. And in that number there were usually 2 to 3 fish over five pounds. Most boats also reported multiple sightings of big fish over nine pounds each day.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season 2014 by Kurt Treichel

At Chime Lodge, we began the season with doubts. Spring, for example, had been quite dry and we knew that a hot summer could mean low and, perhaps, unfishable rivers by March. But in the end, summer weather was perfect and left us with enough water for good fishing from start to finish.

Nervous Waters - Fly Fishing
End of Season - By Pablo Tañira

With this final report, another fine season ends at Futa Lodge. This year we enjoyed great weather, excellent fishing, and perfect company. We hosted experienced fishermen and novices, as well as non-anglers who enjoyed horseback riding, hiking, and long naps in the shade. Nice!

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