Kau Tapen Lodge

Welcome to Kau Tapen Lodge!

The Rio Grande’s First House of Fly-Fishing

Kau Tapen Lodge opened for business on Patagonia’s legendary Rio Grande River in 1984. Fifty years prior, in the mid-1930s, juvenile brown trout were introduced to the twisting internal arteries of the region. Those trailblazing trout were eventually washed out to sea, wriggled through the Straight of Magellan and beyond, and would return annually tothe rich waters of the Grande to propagate new generations of sea run brown trout. Anglers have been there to greet these beastly migrators ever since—reveling in elegant accommodations amidst best-in-class fishing at Kau Tapen Lodge.

Kau Tapen translates to “house of fishing” in the native ona tongue. And here, in the heart of Tierra del Fuego, you’ll explore and fish the best pools on the legendary Rio Grande. Spend your days spey fishing or casting switch and single-handed rods for record-shattering sea run brown trout. Short walks and shallow wading are typical and you’ll sample a variety of new water daily. As the sun sets and evening winds dissipate skate waking flies over a resting lie, float nymphs tight to cross-river cutbanks, and swing silhouette-casting leeches to sea run browns you’ve only seen in your dreams.

Welcome to Kau Tapen Lodge, your home for benchmark-setting luxury and services worldwide and the extraordinary fly fishing of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego region.

Reasons to Choose Patagonia and Kau Tapen Lodge

  • Patagonia fly fishing at its finest. Located on the best sea run brown trout stretches of legendary Rio Grande River
  • The luxe Kau Tapen Lodge was the first of its kind in South America. Today it’s celebrating 30 years of fly-fishing excellence
  • More than five sea run brown trout world records have been set at Kau Tapen Lodge; 27 to 35 pounders are landed seasonally; 20 pounders are caught and released weekly
  • The most pools per angler, per day. Only two anglers and their guide per beat (each covering 4 to 8 pools). Different beats every morning and evening
  • The easiest river you’ll ever wade, with a gravel bottom
  • Fishing techniques vary from swinging flies via classic Spey and switch rod approaches to casting streamers and nymphs with 7- to 8-weight single-handed rods
  • Fish are easy to reach and within casting range in most pools on the Rio Grande
  • In addition to the Rio Grande, Kau Tapen overlooks the Menendez River, which hosts its own runs of genetically diverse sea run brown trout
  • Kau Tapen is home to the world’s best guides (local and international)—experts in pairing area knowledge with world-class instruction and technique
  • A sumptuous a la carte menu, and true five-star accommodations
  • Top equipment, such as Sage Fly Rods and Patagonia clothing, so you’re always fishing with the best in style, performance, and comfort
  • More than 80 percent of Kau Tapen’sguests are returning clients. Join us today and add your name to the list.