Bonefish have the ability to go from 0 to about 30mph in 8 feet. And we know that that makes hooking them much more fun.

Informed anglers consider Bahamas bonefishing some of the best saltwater flats fishing in the world. Nervous Waters offers two of the best bonefishing options in the Bahamas: Abaco Lodge and Bair’s Lodge. Kick back in comfort with easy access to tailing bonefish a stone’s throw from your oceanside veranda. When it’s time to fish—which is all the time—hop onto one of our Hell’s Bay or Dolphin skiffs or wade the flats with veteran guides who know these spectacular fisheries and their speedy inhabitants inside out.

The Bahamas is an archipelago located north of the Caribbean islands, with most of its population concentrated in New Providence Island, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama. The Out Islands, where you’ll be fishing, are dotted with remote villages where residents enjoy most conveniences, but a simple way of life. In addition to bonefish, in the Out Islands you’ll find some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, fishing and dive sites.

Join Nervous Waters in the Bahamas and enjoy world-class bonefishing, in addition to superb accommodations at any one of our lodges, and excellent cuisine. Contact us now to reserve your stay in paradise at either Bair’s or Abaco Lodge, where you’ll land a bonefishing experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Great Abaco, Bahamas

South Andros, Bahamas