Those new to freshwater dorado fishing are sometimes intimidated by the bigger flies we use for these fish, and are oftentimes unsure about how to cast them. Don’t panic. Those 2/0 streamers that are the all-rounders for the species, and even larger flies, can be as enjoyable to cast as smaller f...

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  • Great News for Trout Anglers

    The two finest outfitters in South America have joined forces, and Nervous waters is excited to announce an exclusive collaboration with Patagonia River Guides (PRG) at our Northern Patagonia Lodge (NPL) operation. By joining together, Nervous Waters and Patagonia River Guides bring the best in gu...

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  • Fish the Best of the Bahamas: Abaco & Bair’s Lodges

    Want to fish the Bahamas? Between Abaco and Bair’s lodges, we have access to some of the best flats fishing in The Bahamas. And if wading is your thing, Bair’s Lodge is your place. The southern end of South Andros has seemingly infinite flats, perfect for stepping off the skiff and stre...

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  • Iberá Marshlands, Argentina: Freshwater Dorado Fly Fishing.

      Morphology: The Iberá Marshland, located in Corrientes Province in northeastern Argentina, is the world’s second largest wetlands system after Brazil’s Pantanal. Difficult access makes it a celebrated wilderness stronghold. In 1983, it was designated a Provincial Natural Reservoir, makin...

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  • Gear we love – What’s in your box? All you need for your bonefish trip to the Bahamas

    Gearing up for fishing trips is half the fun – ok, not quite half as much fun as pulling on a bonefish but it’s still fun.  Most people want to overthink their fly selection for the Bahamas.  These five patterns are all you need to get those fish to eat when you come to South Andros or Abaco....

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  • Rio Grande, Argentina: Best river in the world to fish for Giant Sea-Run Brown Trout.

    1. Morphology: The Rio Grand comes to life on the Chilean side of Tierra del Fuego and flows for 150 miles in a generally eastward direction, twisting though Argentine territory toward the South Atlantic Ocean. Given its moderate flow, and generally even gravel bottom, it’s an easy wading riv...

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  • 10 Truths About Dorado Fishing

    You’ve seen them in the fly-fishing film tours, all over the web, and splashed across brochures advertising far-flung adventures to exotic locales. And although you may think you know dorado by now, there are numerous idiosyncrasies—from misleading information on concepts to debates over kno...

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  • Fishing in Chile

    Gear we love – The most important piece of gear I own

    Bonefishing is all about being able to see.  My sunglasses are my number one piece of equipment when I’m sight fishing.   Anywhere I travel I carry three pairs Green mirror 580 glass lens Costas (I like the Roosters) These are my standard go to shades and I wear them 80% of the time.  Trout, s...

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  • Fishing Fun in Chile

    All New G&G Bahamas Bonefish Schools

    Big changes are coming for the 2018 Bahamas Bonefish School Jan 13-20 and 20-27, 2018 The Bonefish School on South Andros is one of our most popular trips. It’s hands down the best way to shorten the learning curve for saltwater fly fishing and build the skills and good habits you need to be a su...

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  • Fishing Trip

    Gear we love – Keep dry – Patagonia Stormfont Pack 30L

    Here at Nervous Waters we spend our lives on the water.  Wading the endless flats of South Andros to the banks of the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego we chase fish year round and demand top performance from our equipment.   If you live outside you are going to get wet –but your gear can stay dry...

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