Hot Water in the hot tub!


Kau Tapen Lodge

1-Last season we implemented the second phase of our “GREEN LODGE” project. This includes a system that harnesses Tierra del Fuego’s favorable climate conditions (lots of wind and sun) to power the building with wind generators and solar panels. The results have been even better than expected! We now have power 24/7, which includes heat all night long and a failsafe water heater.

We still have two more phases left to complete before being able to claim that we’re 100% GREEN. But we’re very excited about moving ahead. We’re thrilled about enhancing your comfort and improving the overall lodge experience.

2- We now have a hot tub at Kau Tapen…get ready to relax after each fishing session!

3- For 2015, there will be new roads along the Río Menendez. This will shorten ride times and make it easier to get to this fantastic river, further complimenting the Rio Grande experience.

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