Why Fish With Us?

What started as a family business, with one lodge near one river, has blossomed into a company renowned for revolutionizing the way fly anglers view fishing travel. In 1984 it all began with Kau Tapen on the Río Grande… and a vision of just how good a lodge could be. More than 30 years later, we’ve gone on to define the realm of high-end fishing experiences worldwide, with the largest luxury lodge portfolio in the business—and with distinguished sister operations in bird hunting. Expectations continue to evolve and Nervous Waters strives to be on the leading edge, constantly retooling and rethinking the modern sporting lodge with a focus on what’s important to anglers. By carefully aligning operations with guests’ needs, we’ve achieved remarkably high return rates. Here’s why:

  • A cadre of unique and stylish lodges, each independent but drawing from the integrity of the larger structure. Each lodge strategically located to pinpoint and access the very best fisheries.
  • Fine hotel-style amenities, with chefs and professional staff that understand fishing and creature comforts equally.
  • Trained guides and managers that are on time and on task; details and service are finely tuned for anglers.
  • A commitment to the very best in vehicles, boats, gear, and all things fishing.
  • A 24-hour concierge service for clients.
  • 5 star amenities, à la carte menus, best wines, spa services, and attention to detail that goes above and beyond…
  • A vision to the future, protecting our resources for generations to come via catch-and-release and numerous research projects.
  • Our focus is always on the guest. Those that return again and again are paying us the highest compliment.

Nervous Waters . . . The perfect combination of sporting excellence
With the highest level of service.