June 2014

Summer Fly-Fishing Tune Up

With resident casting expert, Oliver White  Oliver White has been fly-fishing for more than a decade and has traveled the world in pursuit of his passion. Formerly a guide in Jackson, Wyoming, and at Kau Tapen Lodge in Tierra del Fuego, Oliver was instrumental in Abaco Lodge’s development. He is a fixture in the Bahamas and on the adventure angling circuit, and has recently branched out into book writing, as well as a number of TV and film projects. Oliver is an expert salt- and freshwater angler and the only FFF-certified casting instructor in the Bahamas. Here are his tips for developing a winning casting stroke this season. 1) Stay connected   For seamless power transfer its essential to stay connected throughout the casting stroke A common mistake I often see anglers struggle with involves the introduction of slack line into the system. For the rod to load seamlessly, on both the back and forward stroke, your fly line must be tight at all times. When hauling for distance, for instance, your line hand needs to succeed, or follow, the rod as it unloads on the backcast. If you introduce line too soon, slack enters the equation and power is lost. Once you aren’t connected with a tight line, it’s over. 2) Wait on it. Especially the backcast   Patience is a virtue when it comes to making casts that pierce through the wind. Always make sure to wait on your back cast before beginning your forward stroke This is a great lesson, especially for casting in windy conditions. Anglers new to saltwater fly-fishing are often overly anxious to detonate the cast as quickly as possible. You see an approaching fish, you hear your encouraging guide calling out a medley of distances and foreign time zones, and your brain tells […]

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