January 2015

Villa Maria Lodge- January 16 – 23, 2015

We just finished another fantastic week at Villa Maria Lodge. Fishermen from several countries arrived and quickly divided themselves into Team Germany, Team Austria, and Team Switzerland. As you could imagine, plenty of good jokes and laughs ensued with our “allied nations”! Weather was cooperative. It wasn’t as hot as the previous week and cloudy skies helped cool the water. And in addition to prime morning and evening fishing, we found active fish through the daylight hours. A variety of flies proved successful without a clear overall winner. Some days all fish were landed on different patterns. As usual, much depended on HOW the fly was fished, not what was used. There was an exception, however, and the Innovator of the Week award went to Christoph from Team Germany, who during a slow, clam day tied on a shrimp pattern. It worked! Kudos to him. As for lines and sinking-tips, guests fished everything from intermediate to heavy, and there was no clear winner in this category either. They all had their moments in the right circumstances. Tied to the end of the line, most small flies worked fine as noted, but rubber-legged nymphs were the best options during the day. Leeches, on the other hand, continued to produce in low-light hours. Tight Lines, Alejandro Martello Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager

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