Unbeatable Dorado Duo: Pira & Alto Parana Lodges

It’s been an explosive dorado season at Pirá Lodge, with more than 1,500 fish landed to close the year. Fish size continues to trend upward, and both sinking- and floating-line presentations produced remarkable fish: piles of double-digit dorado, plus a 24-pound monster. Alto Paraná, our operation on the Parana River, also saw its fair share of highlights despite some fluctuating flows. The river gave up 3 Super Grand Slams. The best included a 20-pound dorado, a nice top-water pacú, and both yellow and silver pirá pitá species on mouse patterns. Largest pacú of the season: 16 pounds!

Gearing up for another banner year in 2018, we’re inviting you to join us. Get here! This time for a special combo trip, where you’ll split your fishing time between our two premier dorado lodges. See below for details.

The Nervous Waters Team

Read End of Season Pirá Lodge

Read End of Season Alto Paraná Lodge

Twice The Gold. Score a unique one-week Pirá/Alto Paraná adventure. Fish both lodges, exploring two remarkable dorado systems, on the same trip.

Available dates

January 20th – 27th
February 3rd – 10th
March 24th – 31st

Join us next season!