Suindá Lodge

10 Truths About Dorado Fishing

You’ve seen them in the fly-fishing film tours, all over the web, and splashed across brochures advertising far-flung adventures to exotic locales. And although you may think you know dorado by now, there are numerous idiosyncrasies—from misleading information on concepts to debates over knots, habitat preferences and handling practices—that make this moody fish difficult to …


End of Season Report Alto Paraná Lodge – 2017

Throughout the season, river flows fluctuated: ranging from low to normal levels. More rain than usual made for some challenging fishing, at times and we’ve seen everything from very productive sessions to some complex scenarios. Crystal clear water at times equaled spooky, careful fish, and we had to adjust our techniques accordingly for consistent results. …


Fishing Report Alto Parana – February 2017

This season the Parana River ran slightly lower than usual for many weeks, so the water has been clear and warm. Those same conditions have helped concentrate dorado in faster, oxygenated riffles. Fish have also been more active in early and later hours. Pira pita and pacu fishing has been a more technical game, requiring …