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Our research and experience tell us that over 65% of anglers are also actively interested in bird hunting and big game hunting. If you are a part of that majority, and are interested in adding variety to your sporting life, look no further than David Denies Bird Hunting and Red Stag Patagonia. All three brands are owned and operated by the same company, The Kautapen Group, and each operation is dedicated to making your outdoor experience fun, memorable, and productive.

David Denies Bird Hunting

Home to hunters who expect perfection.

David Denies Bird Hunting offers a grand variety of wing shooting sport, including four uniquely beautiful lodges near Córdoba, Argentina, the world epicenter of dove shooting, and yet another amazing estate in the dove and pigeon shooting frontier of Santiago del Estero. Three of the Córdoba lodges focus on Dove, while the fourth is focused on decoyed pigeons. Our dove lodges are open ten months of the year (January thru October) meaning you can easily combine two or three days of world-class dove shooting while in Argentina or Chile fishing. There are also two classically-styled mixed bag lodges in Uruguay, offering walk up hunting for partridge over pointing dogs, excellent duck hunting, plus pigeons and doves. Three more lodges near Buenos Aires offer more action- Jacana Lodge and Los Picazos lodges hosts duck hunters seeking the best pure duck hunting on the planet, and Los Crestones, located only 2 hours from Buenos Aires airport (EZE), offers ducks over decoys, plus partridge, doves, and big game as well (Black Buck Antelope & Axis Deer).

If you are looking to combine your bird hunting with something more, to create a true Argentine mixed bag experience, our Red Stag Patagonia lodges offer a fantastic opportunity to pursue the free range, wild game of Argentina, including our namesake, the magnificent Red Stag. ...

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A visit to La Trocaza Lodge is like stepping back in time. An elegant historical estancia, with all of the modern amenities one could imagine. It is a special place to spend some time, enjoying the decoyed pigeon hunting found in this area. ...

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There is nothing quite like a flock coming to the decoys at dawn, luckily, these moments are plentiful at our Los Crestones Lodge.⠀

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With the incredible bounty offered in our areas, between the multiple types of wild game, fresh produce and local, pasture raised meats, you can always expect an exemplary experience at the dinner table each evening of your stay. ...

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White-faced Whistling Ducks make their final pass over the blind before committing to the decoys spread.⠀
Just one of the gorgeous duck species you will encounter during a visit to our Jacana Lodge.

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For the ultimate Argentina sporting experience, there is nothing quite like combining your wingshooting holiday with some time lashing the waters of the Iberia Marsh in search of hard fighting Dorado.⠀
We can offer combination trips between our David Denies lodges and our world famous Nervous Waters collection.

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Beauty hidden in the details...the understated coloration of the Perdiz helps to camouflage them in their natural environment, and offers a delicate beauty to behold. ...

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The artistry of our chefs is something you will not soon forget. Our guests come for the bird hunting, but will long remember the culinary experience. ...

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The classic Argentine splendor of our Pica Zuro Lodge will shine through every aspect of your stay.
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The contemporary comfort and elegance of La Dormida Lodge will surround you all day, and well through the night. ...

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Red Stag Patagonia

The chase is fair, everything else is excellent.

Red Stag Patagonia outfits some of the best Red Stag hunts in both Argentina and Chile. All of Red Stag’s hunts are fair chase, open country hunts in universally magnificent terrain, and their high success rate speaks for itself. In addition to stags, RSP has some of the best free range Black Buck and Axis Deer hunting in South America. Whether you’re targeting a trophy, searching for a representative animal, or just want to hunt big game in un-pressured new terrain, Red Stag Patagonia will confidently guide you to success. Finally, don’t just take our word for it. Ask those who’ve made the trip. We’d be happy to put you in touch with many, many sportsmen and women who’ve made it a habit to both hunt and fish with us annually.

Combining your Big Game hunt with some of World's best wingshooting is an exciting way to enjoy a total hunting experience during your visit to Argentina. Be sure to ask about adding on to your hunt at one of our amazing David Denies Bird Hunting lodges. ...

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The field lunch experience at our Buenos Aires Big Game lodge offers a delicious, and relaxing respite from a day of stalking Axis Deer and Blackbuck. ...

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Our Red Stag Chile ranch produces the largest free range wild stag in all of South America. ...

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Spectacular views can be found in every direction at our Red Stag Tupungato ranch. ...

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Glassing the lush valleys of our Red Stag Chile ranch, in search of just the "right" stag. We manage the herd intensely, producing an incredible trophy quality on the stags taken, year after year...patience is key when looking for your stag of a lifetime. ...

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Despite their diminutive size, Blackbuck are incredible aggressive animals. It is not uncommon to witness sparring matches and even full blown battles between bucks during your hunt. ...

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A post-season ride across the ranch can produce an impressive collection of sheds at Red Stag Tupungato. ...

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More than just a hunt, a visit to Red Stag Tupungato is an adventure, and an experience to be savored.⠀
Beautifully appointed accommodations, delicious meals paired with some of the very best wines the Mendoza region has to offer, are all part of the plan, each and every day of your stay.

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Our Buenos Aires Big Game offers blackbuck hunting like is found nowhere else on earth. Introduced to the area over one hundred years ago our blackbuck populations are completely wild and free range. Often times you can witness herds numbering well over a thousand animals on a typical day's hunt. ...

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The sounds of THE ROAR are something you will not soon forget, they seem to haunt the dreams of those who have pursued these majestic beasts in the mountains they call home. ...

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The Kautapen Group's Season by Species

Double down on your sporting adventures and experience all The Kautapen Group has to offer by combining your stay with another of our hunting or fishing lodges.

Sea-Run Brown Trout Golden Dorado Pacú Pirá Pitá Brown Trout Rainbow Trout Bonefish DOVE perdiz DUCK PIGEON BLACKBUCK ANTELOPE AXIS DEER RED STAG FALLOW DEER WILD BOAR

Golden Dorado

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