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After three years of hard work and dedication, Abaco Lodge has been fully rebuilt and is now open for anglers! The lodge features 7 beautifully designed rooms with en-suite bathrooms, as well as decks and porches with stunning views of the Marls. Our Maverick skiffs are ready to take you on exciting fishing expeditions, and our staff is eager to provide top-notch service and unforgettable experiences.

As the only fly-fishing operation with direct access to the vast Marls of Abaco, one of the most sought-after bonefishing destinations in the world, Abaco Lodge offers unparalleled fishing opportunities. This expansive, unpressured flats system boasts unrivaled numbers of bonefish, making it a haven for anglers seeking a thrilling and challenging fishing experience. 

Why Choose Abaco Lodge?

On the Marls

The lodge consists of 7 double rooms with a capacity of 12 anglers. All of the rooms offer air conditioning and a private bathroom. Wireless Internet will keep you connected back home. Phone service is available and there is great cell coverage throughout the island. There is also a large flat-screen TV for catching all the games. The bright, charming lodge welcomes guests with spectacular waterfront views. Enjoy a cold Kalik by the pool, or gather around the fire pit where under a setting sun the day’s fishing stories enter into island lore.

The lodge’s main bar is stocked with spirits, cold beer, soft drinks, plenty of ice, and mixers for cocktails. We also have an on-site fly shop where you can purchase everything from flies, leaders, and tippet, and lodge logo wear. Fly-tying equipment is also available.

  • Capacity: 12 rods.
  • Accommodations: 7 Doubles with 2 queen size beds. All have air conditioning and private bathrooms.
  • Pool Area: Kick back with a drink in your hand to enjoy the view.
  • Main Lodge: Dining room, sitting room, bar and fully equipped fly-tying table.
  • Telephone and Wifi Available
  • Meals: Beautifully prepared Bahamian specialties concentrating on magnificent fresh seafood.
  • Full Daily Maid Service and Laundry Service available.
  • Fly Shop: is fully equipped with flies, rods, reels, lines, selected items of flats wear and local crafts.
  • Non-Fishing Activities include snorkeling, kayaking, diving and golf.
  • Lunches: Picnic lunches and cold drinks are taken to the flats in a YETI cooler.

What time of the year should I come?

Fall Season – October & November
The fall season in the Abacos can offer some of the finest Bonefishing of the year. Starting in August, tourist season ends and hurricane season begins. So, by the time October rolls around and the lodge opens, anglers will be greeted by fish who haven’t seen a fly in almost 3 months. The fish are willing and ready to eat following a break in tourism and the end of hurricane season. We also tend to see generally larger fish and great numbers of tailing fish during the fall, as the bigger bonefish enjoy feeding all day in the shallow flats due to slightly cooler water temperature. Because the weather can be a little more unpredictable due to cold fronts, our guides can take advantage of the occasional clouds and breeze to get you closer to the larger fish, often times getting multiple shots due to lack of pressure the last few months. On calm days, the fall season offers outstanding fishing on the Ocean-side of Abaco. The Oceanside boasts a significantly larger average size fish (4 – 7 pounds) with shots at fish approaching double digits happening regularly. On the flat, hot, calm days during the fall season, anglers may have a chance to target permit on the oceanside and riding on the backs of stingrays on the Marls side closer to the lodge.

Winter Season – December, January & February
The winter season on Abaco is characterized by high, blue skies and sunshine paired with pleasant weather. The winter season comes with the most wind, but some great fishing as well. Good visibility allows us to see fish on all types of bottom and, as the sun gets higher, the fish get more and more comfortable as surface temperature increases. So, there is no lull in the fishing in the heat of the day and being on the boat is very pleasant. During the winter, we also see larger fish more frequently on the flats as well as large schools moving between the channels and the flats based on water temperature. Beyond the bonefish, large barracudas frequent the shallow flats during the late winter, and, occasionally, baby tarpon can be targeted in the dark-water mangrove creeks. Like the fall, the oceanside fishing for large, tailing fish can be extremely rewarding in the winter.

Spring Season – March, April & May
Springtime in the Abacos offers arguably the best Bonefishing anywhere in the world. The weather is beautiful with comfortable temperatures and minimal cloud cover as the cold fronts and north winds have tapered off, and the water temperature stabilizes to a level that our fish love. Fishing approaches take many different forms. We see large school, tailing fish on the mangrove shorelines, and larger singles and doubles moving between the flats to feed and back to the deep water when they have had their fill. This is the time of year when we have days where it seems every fish that sees a fly wants to eat it and it is not out of the questions that a boat could return to the lodge after a 30+ fish day. One of the more unique species, the mutton snapper, is also best targeted during the late spring season. Fish vibrant, blue and red snapper move onto the flats in April and May and offer a challenge to even the most seasoned anglers. As the spring gets warmer, we will also start seeing tarpon moving around the island and the permit fishing begins to heat up as well.

Summer Season – June & July
The summertime is our most calm season. Light winds and hot weather allow for good visibility and great sight fishing. Though the fish sometimes feel the pressure from the boat or hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance from afternoon showers, they are easy to spot and ready to feed, especially early in the morning. As the day goes on, large groups of fish will congregate on the slightly deeper flats to feed, creating ‘muds.’ Looking for fish in and around the muds are a great way to end a long day on the flats and often lead to some surprise catches. The flat calm summer days also produce a large number of shots at our famously large Abaco Permit. These fish are frequently seen riding on the backs of stingrays feeding hard. Anglers can expect to have a few shots at the same fish allowing for fly changes and strategy changes so long as the fish doesn’t spook! The summertime tarpon fishing in Abaco has been getting better and better each season. Both close to the lodge and on the edge, larger migratory fish can be targeted and often eat with reckless abandon!

Getting to Great Abaco Island and Marsh Harbour International Airport is simple. There are many direct flights from the U.S. and it is also possible to fly via Nassau. Our Lodge is located on the Marls side of Abaco Island, just a 10-minute drive from the airport.

  • TRAVEL FROM THE U.S. – Numerous direct flights a day to Marsh Harbour.  Major carriers that fly directly into Abaco include: Delta, American and Silver Air (a United subsidiary).
  • TRAVEL FROM NASSAU – Bahamas Air, Sky Bahamas and Western Air have multiple flights a day.


Located approximately 180 miles off the coast of Florida, the Abaco’s cup the eastern edge of Grand Bahama Island at the northernmost tip of the Bahamas archipelago. Abaco Lodge is the sole bonefishing resort in the Marls, on the island’s western edge. The Marls is enveloped by a designated National Park; inside its perimeters, with an average depth of about four feet and little tidal influence, lives one of the top-rated bonefisheries in the Bahamas. 

Your guides at Abaco Lodge know every inch of it. From blue holes that attract juvenile tarpon (and not-so-juvenile barracuda) to productive bonefish flats and hundreds of cays extending from Cross Harbour in the south to stretches well north of the lodge, you’ll explore new and unpressured water daily.

The Fishing

What to expect on the water.

Abaco’s sheltered Marls region is big. So big that it could swallow 13 Manhattans within its 300 square mile footprint. Instead of sputtering cabs and people crammed into skyscrapers, however, this wilderness flats area is peppered with unpopulated pine forest islands, mangrove cays, and a prodigious bonefish population.

From Abaco Lodge’s central location, we fish the Marls from as far south as Cross Harbour to its northern extremities off the west side of Treasure Cay. A twenty-minute skiff run due west puts anglers within striking range of the Marl’s ocean-side edge. And from all points in between, Marls bonefish average 2 to 4 pounds. Larger fish in the 5 to 8-pound class, although fewer and harder to seduce, are also found in good numbers. Permit and juvenile tarpon shots are frequent enough that you should be prepared with gear for targeting both species, and barracuda, jack crevalle, plus various shark species also call the Marls home. But bonefish generally rule this kingdom thanks to an ideal mix of sheltered habitat and prime forage sources through the seasons.

Fishing in the Marls is done from our meticulously maintained Maverick flats skiffs. Wading opportunities also exist. From the lodge dock, runs to the flats vary from 10 to 45 minutes. All skiffs are fishing (and comfort) friendly, with padded seats, backrests, line mats and lean bars on the bow. They’re also equipped with first aid kits and an emergency satellite phone.

In addition to wonderful flats, Abaco has incredible blue water fishing. We are happy to coordinate a day, or two, with the best captains available. Target species include: marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, and tuna—depending on the season. Arrangements can be made at the lodge, but the best captains book early and we recommend you do as well. There will be an additional charge for this type of fishing.

The typical trip does not fish on arrival or departure, but if time allows and guides are available, half-day trips can be arranged prior to getting here. Typically you’ll be shuttled from the airport to the lodge where you can check into your room, prepare gear, and spend an afternoon relaxing on the lodge grounds. Here is a sample schedule of the daily program:
  • 7:00 am Breakfast
  • 8:00 am Depart dock
  • 4:00 pm Return to lodge
  • 4:00 pm Onwards Cocktail hour
  • 5:30 pm Appetizers
  • 6:30 pm Dinner

Bonefish are pound-for-pound some of the strongest and fastest saltwater gamefish. Their scientific name is Albula vulpes, which means “white fox.” But to anglers, they’re also known as “grey ghosts” due to their elusive nature and their ability to show up then seemingly vanish in an instant.

Bonefish are noted for moving from deeper water onto shallow tidal flats to feed, where you can find and cast to tailing fish—one of the most challenging (and rewarding) saltwater experiences. They typically retreat to deeper water as the tide ebbs. Bahamas bones can reach upwards of ten pounds, but a more representative size would be about a third of that. Trophy bones are generally considered any fish equal to or in excess of ten pounds. Large adult fish break away from schools, traveling in singles and doubles and offering great sight-fishing opportunities on the flats of South Andros islands.

Fishing Equipment

Abaco Lodge provides anglers with high-quality loaner fishing equipment.

Fly-Fishing Equipment

  • 7wt 9’ (for delicate presentations on lighter wind days)
  • 8wt. 9’ (fast action helps punch into the wind)
  • 9wt 9’ (fast action for permit)
  • 10wt 9’ (barracuda, sharks, tarpon)

Use saltwater capable reels with adjustable drags and capacity for 150 yds. of 20lbs.

  • 7wt weight-forward Bonefish Line (tropic taper)
  • 8wt weight forward Bonefish Line (flats taper)
  • 9wt weight forward Permit Line
  • 10wt weight forward Tropic Taper (tarpon)
  • Tippet Spools: 8, 12, 16lbs Fluorocarbon
  • Tapered 9’ to 12’ Leaders (8, 12, 16lbs – Fluoro)
  • Wire Tippet: 30lbs or 40lbs for Barracuda / Sharks
  • Fluorocarbon Leader Material: 30-50lbs

The list of options is endless and selections depend on the kind of flat you are fishing, its bottom color (turtle grass or sand) and depth. All flies should be size 2 and 4 hooks.

A few “must have” BONEFISH flies include:

  • Gotcha (Pearl)
  • Bunny Hair Gotcha (Pearl/Tan)
  • Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp (Tan)
  • Puglisi’s Spawning Shrimp (Olive, Tan, White)
  • Miehieve’s Flats Fly
  • Kwabbit
  • Mink Shrimp
  • Spawning Mantis
  • Barracuda: Needlefish, Baitfish imitations, Large poppers in blood-red or other bright, attention-grabbing colors. The topwater takes are awesome.
  • Permit: Merkin-style Crab pattern, Flexo Crab, Perez Velco crab and strong arm crab.
  • Tarpon: Toads, Black Death, any smaller baitfish imitations, EP Peanut Butter or Purple Cockroach.

Culinary Experience​ in The Bahamas

At Nervous Waters, our goal is to deliver a true taste of the Bahamas.

Food in the Bahamas is the magical encounter between the treasures of the sea, history, culture and its people. We pride ourselves on serving delicious fresh local produce, specializing in fresh fish (Mahi, Tuna, Grouper, and Hog Snapper), conch, and lobster. We carefully stock our larder with fine quality foods from the US and Nassau.

Every day begins with a full breakfast featuring a variety of cereals, as well as fresh fruits. Eggs will be cooked to your preference, with bacon, sausages, and grits. Hot cereals are also available to order. Our chef bakes bread, pastries, and cookies daily. Our coffee is made from freshly ground beans.

A daily lunch menu card allows you to choose the next day’s lunch and the contents of the boat coolers. After you return from fishing, you will find cold beers, spirits, and a blender for cocktails, as well as stacks of soft drinks. A wide range of local spirits will be available free of charge at the lodge.

Delicious appetizers are served before dinner on the veranda, so you can sample local specialties such as cracked conch, grouper fingers, and conch salad. Dinner starts with appetizers such as homemade soups or conch ceviche. Our culinary emphasis is on mixing local dishes with light fresh recipes such as snapper with mango salsa, and some barbecued fish. Desserts will vary from chocolate decadence to key lime parfaits.

House wines such as Malbec from Argentina, Chilean Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon will be served with dinner. We can happily cater to special dietary needs. When you complete your pre-trip questionnaire please mention any requirements or food allergies you might have, so we can inform the chef. Salads are offered in our cooler lunches for those on low-carbohydrate diets. The lodge has a good supply of drinking water from our reverse osmosis system. You will find water in your bedroom and your boat, and you can drink the tap water. In our arid climate, conservation is always appreciated.

Abaco Lodge Rates

Fall Season 2023: October – December 2023

* Prices are in US$ and per person

7 nights / 6 days fishing

$ $ 7,550

6 nights / 5 days fishing

$ $ 6,950

5 nights / 4 days fishing

$ $ 6,450

4 nights / 3 days fishing

$ $ 5,350

3 nights / 2 days fishing

$ $ 4,050

Season 2024: January – June 2024

* Prices are in US$ and per person

7 nights / 6 days fishing

$ $ 7,950

6 nights / 5 days fishing

$ $ 7,350

5 nights / 4 days fishing

$ $ 6,750

4 nights / 3 days fishing

$ $ 5,650

3 nights / 2 days fishing

$ $ 4,275


Not included

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