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In January 2019, Nervous Waters officially opened the newly built Suindá Lodge. Suindá is a Dorado angler’s dream, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes.

The region houses one of the most productive sections on the Upper Paraná River, a clear-water fishery that consistently kicks out good numbers of large Dorado. Its secret lies in its structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. You’ll also sight-fish sandbank zones, where, when the conditions are right, colossal Dorado hunt Sabalo baitfish that seasonally congregate in big schools.

Why Choose Suindá Lodge?

Chase freshwater's grandest slam.

Our lodge can host up to 10 guests at a time (or 12 if couples) in stilted living quarters built 9 feet above the jungle floor offering gorgeous views of the sprawling Paraná River. The lodge features 4 rooms with 2 queen size beds each as well as 2 rooms with king size beds. All rooms with en-suite bathrooms and AC. Based on availability, single rooms can be easily accommodated. Rooms are cleaned daily, feature WiFi access, and laundry service is available upon request.

Adjacent to your sleeping accommodations you’ll find the main lodge. Designed to emulate local building traditions, the lodge is built from local hardwood with soaring cathedral ceilings. Inside you will find our fully stocked bar, dining area, living/fly tying area, and fly shop. Our fly shop is fully stocked with any piece of tackle you may need while fishing with us and is home to our fleet of loaner fly fishing equipment that is available to our guests free of charge.

The dining area is where the culinary magic Nervous Waters is known for comes to life. During your stay, you will enjoy Argentina’s famed beef and fine wines, traditional Asados (BBQs), and delicious desserts prepared by our unrivaled culinary team. Each meal is served around our extra-large dining table, where you’ll share fishing stories and the day’s adventures with your fellow anglers. WiFi is available in all the lodge buildings ensuring you can stay as connected to the outside world and share your fishing adventures with friends and family back home.

Spring Season (Late September – October)

Our spring season on the upper Paraná is the “early” season, marked by higher river flows and clearer water. Spring is when everything in the river system starts to flourish and is a phenomenal time of year to fish for resident and migratory fish. This time of year, Dorado are eager to eat as they pack on weight for their spawning season in November and December. It’s during this pre-spawn window when we encounter and land some of the largest Dorado of the season. As the water temperatures rise from their winter lows the fish start to get active and into their typical hunting habits. But Dorado are not the only species waking up, Pirá Pitá and Pacú begin to stir and feed as well.

Summer Season (January to April)

During our summers the majority of the Paraná’s dorado population stays in the upper section of the river. As they enter their post-spawn phase, they need to feed, and this marvelous part of the river is their favorite hunting grounds. Baitfish also pack into this section of the river, creating a proverbial bait buffet for any hungry Dorado. We’ve found that most of the largest Dorado stay in the upper section here because of the massive amount of food available to them.

Depending on the river conditions Dorado can be found throughout Suinda’s structure-rich section. Submerged logs, cut banks, log-filled pockets, rock gardens, and even shallow sandbars become ambush points for these apex predators and under the right conditions allow for some incredible sight-fishing experiences. This time of year our clear water, warm weather, and local wildlife turn this region into a naturalist’s paradise.

As the summer progresses, the Upper Paraná section becomes the most productive for Pirá Pitá and Pacú. These two omnivores feast on insects and minnows in the shallows, and are more active than ever in the summer heat, especially under fruiting trees. Targeting these fish is a dry-or-die angler’s dream on 6 weight rods. For anglers seeking an exciting challenge, you can attempt to achieve what we call the Paraná Grand Slam, landing a dorado, Pirá Pitá and Pacú all in the same day.

Daily flights are available from Buenos Aires Aeroparque Domestic Airport (AEP) to Corrientes (CNQ) or Resistencia (RES). Either flight you choose is a non-stop one hour flight. From (CNQ) Corrientes it is a 45min drive to the water’s edge where a boat will take you the short hop to the Lodge. From (RES) Resistencia, the drive is 1hr and 45min.


Nervous Waters’ newly built Dorado-fishing lodge is located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes. Stilted living quarters are perched on a high bluff and sit nine feet above the ground, offering soaring views of the sprawling river and its natural surroundings. The eco-property includes three spacious, two-bedroom “cabañas”, with private bathrooms. Wooden footbridges conveniently connect each room to the main dining hall. From there, it’s a short walk to the water, where you’ll spend your days exploring the Paraná’s most productive, structure rich sections for monster Dorado. The river here marks the border between Argentina and Paraguay. This section of the Paraná flows clear along beautiful fishy banks, sandbars, rocks, and islands that create deltas and smaller “riachos” (streams).

The Fishing

What to expect on the water.

Suindá Lodge was founded with one purpose in mind: targeting the largest Golden Dorado in the world with a commitment to catch and release angling. Our guiding team has spent decades in the region building a wealth of local knowledge about these incredible predators and their complex behaviors and movements.

Our section of the Paraná River features a diverse array of habitat and structure where big Dorado prowl on the hunt for baitfish. In addition to sight fishing for large Dorado, the other two-thirds of our Freshwater Grand Slam program: the Pacú and Pira Pítá. When we’re pursuing Dorado and Pacú we typically use 7-9 WT rods with matching lines, and for Pira Pítá we prefer to use either 5 or 6 WT outfits. It’s important to note that all lines should be rated for Tropical waters. Our guides recommend bringing streamers tied on 2/0-4/0 hooks including topwater and mouse patterns for Dorado and bulky floating attractors tied in 1/0 hooks and some weighted deer hair fruit imitations tied on 1/0 for Pira Pítá and 2/0 for Pacú.

Our fishing schedule stays consistent throughout our season featuring two fishing sessions per day, one in the morning and the other following lunch and a siesta at the lodge dependent on the weather and other seasonal factors.

Every day at Suindá begins with a fresh, hot breakfast prepared from local ingredients and eggs from our lodge’s chickens. Following lunch, you’ll head down to our newly constructed dock to meet your guides for the mornings fishing, a short 30m walk from the front porch of the lodge. Typically we launch early in the morning, usually around 6:30 AM, but that can vary depending on conditions. 

After spending the morning on the water pursuing Dorado, Pacú, and Pira Pítá, you will return to the lodge for lunch prepared by our head chef. The midday heat is the perfect opportunity to take a dip in our pool with a cold beer in hand or to take a siesta to prepare for the evening’s adventures. Around 4:30 PM, your guides will be ready and waiting at the dock to head out, typically returning shortly after dark for dinner. While you’re exploring the Paraná, our chef will be preparing dinner, typically over the open fire. After you return to your rooms and freshen up, dinner will be served followed by drinks at the bar where the day’s fishing stories will be shared and lauded.

Golden Dorado

Dorado The freshwater Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), totally unrelated to the saltwater Dorado (also known as Mahi-mahi or Dolphin), represents the apex of the Charasin family of fish in terms of sport fishing opportunities. Aggressive eaters and active jumpers, these fish are an angler’s delight. The Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is an aggressive, acrobatic fish. It can be found near confluences, on edges of eddies, riffles, sharp bends in the current, and close to overhanging carpets of water hyacinth. It can be fished in narrow runs, on skinny water, large fish are hooked in a multitude of different locations in the river.

Pirá Pitá

A cousin of the Dorado, this gamefish species comes in two different colors: Blanco / Plateado (white/ silver) or Amarillo (yellow). These fish, usually found close against the bank or under bushes, are fun to chase with a 5/6wt rigged with a dry fly such as large insect or fruit fly. Pound for pound these fish are great fighters.


Incredibly strong and complex, this omnivorous round-shaped fish can provide sight-casting opportunities and great dry-fly action. Not only that, but they can also get big: 15+ pounders have been caught.

Fishing equipment

Suindá Lodge provides anglers with high-quality loaner fishing equipment.

Dorado fishing requires casting large flies in high temperatures. If you think your casting abilities are not up to it or want to take a break during the day, we suggest you bring a casting or spinning rod. Double-hauling is an easily learned technique that will pay dividends when you’re fly-fishing for Dorado and elsewhere. It’s important to remember that your streamer fly must be stripped from the moment it touches the surface of the water. Fast-stripping of the fly is the key to more fish in the boat but it can be tiring after a long day, another reason to bring your casting rods.


Spinning & Casting

Culinary Experience​

At Nervous Waters, our goal is to deliver a true taste of Argentina.

Our kitchens come to life through the use of fresh and regionally representative meats and products. By combining these elements, we create delicious flavors and varied textures that harbor hidden stories and share dining traditions with each plate. We have curated a top-notch team of experienced Argentine and international chefs, trained in both classic and avant-garde culinary techniques at each of our lodges.

Each meal is prepared with an artisan’s touch and influenced by the earthiness of the surrounding landscape. Sustainability is at the heart of our cuisine and a true connection to nature runs through every dish. To top it off, our guests enjoy each meal in our beautifully designed lodge dining rooms and outdoor lunch experiences. Chefs prepare every dish from scratch to be served at a minute’s notice. Freshness is paramount and perfecting the flavor is our key to success. All our beef comes from Aberdeen Angus and Hereford steers. It is grass-fed cattle from our Pampas. We carefully select our suppliers, which guarantees the high quality, flavor, and tenderness of our meat. You will enjoy meat cooked on the fire and in several different ways in our lodges and in the field.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in our lodges. Choices stretch from local free-range Eggs Benedict to organic and healthy breakfast options. We change our menu daily to keep things fresh. Later in the day, our superb lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of Argentina’s—and the world’s—best wines; Bodega Catena Zapata.

In addition to our focus on fresh food with organic origins, we also celebrate our Argentine heritage with a wine partnership that brings truly world-class vintages to our lodges. Our wide selection of finest wines, the best Argentine Malbec from the Mendoza region, and a large variety of other grape selections, are served by a knowledgeable team. We feel that the food we present and the wines we serve should mirror the sporting opportunities we offer—and be the finest available.

Our Northern Argentina kitchens specialize in diverse dishes that pair prime cuts of local Black Angus Beef, and locally sourced fresh fish (including local Pacu and Surubi), alongside the freshest local organic fruits and vegetables. Beyond traditional Asados, fresh salads, and sides, guests will enjoy exotic appetizers such as yacaré meat, ceviche, savory cheeses, and homemade bread like our chipá rolls, a local delicacy. Desserts and homemade ice cream will surprise guests with multiple textures and flavors designed to provide a unique delicious final touch to your dining experience.


Season 2024-25: October 2024 – May 2025

* Prices are in US$ and per person

7 nights / 6 days fishing

$ $ 7,950

6 nights / 5 days fishing

$ $ 7,250

5 nights / 4 days fishing

$ $ 6,100

4 nights / 3 days fishing

$ $ 4,950

3 nights / 2 days fishing

$ $ 3,750

Rates are per person based on double occupancy and shared guide.


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