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  • Kau Tapen Lodge - Sea Run Brown Trout

    Kau Tapen Lodge - Sea Run Brown Trout
  • Pirá Lodge - Dorado

    Pirá Lodge - Dorado
  • Bair's Lodge - Bonefishing

    Bair's Lodge - Bonefishing
  • Alto Paraná Lodge

    Alto Paraná Lodge
  • Pirá Lodge - Esteros de Iberá

    Pirá Lodge - Esteros de Iberá
  • Alto Paraná Season 2015

    Alto Paraná Season 2015
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  • WhatsApp Image 2017-01-12 at 17.57.32

    Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 1: Jan 7 – 14, 2017

    Kau Tapen Fishing Report Week 1: Jan. 7-14, 2017 Kau Tapen Lodge on the Rio Grande kicks off its 33rd season this year. Over the years the river ha..[...]

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  • DSC_7255

    Fishing Report Villa Maria Lodge – Week 1: Jan 6 – 12, 2017

    Villa Maria Lodge – Fishing Report Fishing Report (Jan. 6 – 12, 2017) By Alejandro Martello   Welcome to Villa María Lodge 2017! You..[...]

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  • skmbt_c25313071110150_0003

    A Fly in the Curtains

    By Doug Larsen Copyright 2013 In 1984, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. Madonna was a controversial twenty-something pop star as s..[...]

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  • volume-4-issue-1_selected-pages-1_pagina_2

    Fly Fusion Magazine

    Fly Fusion Magazine recently spotlighted the spectacular flats fishing at Abaco Lodge. For those planning fall trips to the Marls, this bonefish-ri..[...]

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  • fly-girls-week-2017_pagina_1-jpg

    Fly Girls Week 2017 @ Abaco Lodge

    We’re At It Again… Fly Girls Week 2017 is just around the corner! After an extremely successful and fun inaugural trip to Nervous Waters’ Bai..[...]

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  • flip7-721x300

    Bonefish Beware: Fish with Flip Pallot @AbacoLodge in June

    In 2009, Flip Pallot attended the opening of Abaco Lodge and spent time with its managing partner, Oliver White. It was the beginning of a wonderfu..[...]

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  • pirapita-815x300

    Pira Pitá Fly Patterns

    At Alto Parana lodge, anglers target resident Pira Pitá with lighter tackle than what is typically used for dorado. We recommend 6- to 7-weight ro..[...]

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  • hostedtrip21-818x300

    Every Cast Gets Us Closer

    Every Cast Gets Us Closer Casting 4 A Cure at Bair’s Lodge, Bahamas Winter at Bair’s Lodge is the time to escape the cold and connect w..[...]

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  • dorado-patterns-815x300

    Dorado Fly Patterns

    In most cases, golden dorado prefer dark patterns that produce great silhouettes in tannin-colored waters. But there are situations when carrying a..[...]

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  • 4-main-814x300


    We are hoping to tag 1,000 fish that week -some on rod and reel some with nets. Clients are welcome and encouraged to be as involved in this proces..[...]

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  • joe-drew-29


      What could be better? The great thing about a hosted trip is exceptional fishing at a top-notch lodge—but also combining that action with ..[...]

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  • Pira Lodge

    Pira Lodge – End of Season 2016

    The Dream Season Seasons, just like the name implies, are all about change. Some are challenging, where rewards are hard won. Others are easier, wh..[...]

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  • vm11

    Villa María Lodge -­ Fishing Report (March 20 – 27, 2016)

    We have just  finished one of the most challenging weeks on the Rio Grande this season. The problem wasn’t fish—we have the fish! But the weat..[...]

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  • pauuu

    Pacú Fly Patterns

    Pacú fishing at Alto Parana lodge is all about exciting sight-fishing opportunities. We use 8-weight rods, rigged with floating tropical lines, in..[...]

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  • P1020586-1024x7681-815x300

    Studies about the Rio Grande

    Posted on February 6, 2015 by Nervous Waters By Bio. Miguel Casalinuovo. Tech. Carlos Luizón began studying salmonids in the Rio Grande system in ..[...]

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