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All of our lodges are uniquely positioned to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of our clientele. All our lodges have a world-class fishing resource as a prerequisite, and to that most important ingredient, we add attention to detail, legendary service, incredible food and exceptional wine. As Nervous Waters has grown, each of our lodges have developed a different personality, driven by the character of each location, the staff, facilities and of course, the unique fishing experience each represents. Take a moment to choose which of the criteria below are most important to you, and most closely match your expectations. Whichever lodge you choose, don’t worry, a stay at any Nervous Waters lodge is guaranteed to leave you questioning why you’d consider fishing anywhere else!

Find out what Dorado Lodge best fits you

Suindá Lodge – Suindá Lodge is strategically located to target the largest Golden Dorado on Earth as they make their annual migration up the Parana River following their favorite food source, the Sábalo, during our Spring and Summer (mid-Sept thru April). Our section is rich in diverse structure which creates the perfect environment for huge Dorado to hold as they feed. Swing flies over rock gardens, or sight cast for colossal Dorado on the expansive sand-bar flats that line the Parana. Here, double digit dorado are landed daily, and tangling with a monster over 25 pounds is a real possibility.

– The diverse fishing structure of Suindá Lodge is second to none. Here you can sight cast at cruising river monsters along the sandbars, swing flies over the rock gardens that line the river’s bottom or swing flies past the sunken trees while drifting along the river banks. River structures like these are prime locations to find the largest dorado in the river lying in wait for your flies to move past.

PRO – Parana River Outfitters has built their entire program around targeting the largest dorado that run the Paraná as they move through the middle section of the river during our winter and spring season (mid-June-October). At PRO, the focus is on quality of fish not quantity. Our guides have spent years dialing in the feeding habits of the monstrous dorado (20 lbs – 40 lbs) who roam this section chasing their favorite food, the Sábalo. – Fishing structure at PRO – Winter migration of sábalo followed by big dorado on the journey to hunt and eat. Similar structure than Suindá except for the Rocky bottom. Jungle environment temperate weather – can get cold in the early mornings and evenings, we recommend packing a few layers just in case.

Match with Suindá Lodge and Paraná River Outfitters

If pure sight fishing and all-day fishing action is what you’re after while you’re standing on the bow, look no further than the pristine Iberá Marshland. Here, aggressive Dorado of all sizes abound due to the Marsh’s rich food sources. During the season, thousands of dorado and sabalo make their way into the marsh’s rivers to spawn. Fish ranging from 4-25+ pounds are landed every week. You will primarily fish from the bow of a flats´ skiff, using floating lines to make short, accurate casts for the many hungry dorado waiting below the water’s surface.


Match with Pirá Lodge

If you prefer to fish exclusively from the deck of a boat, each of our four Dorado lodges can put together fishing programs to accommodate your needs.


Match with Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Delta Lodge, Paraná River Outfitters

We know there is nothing like battling a fish one-on-one with your feet on the ground. At Pirá & Suindá Lodges and PRO, working in wading sessions is a perfect way to test your angling skills and cool off during the heat of the Argentinian spring and summer. Depending on the time of year, waders may be needed, but for the most part, you’ll be wet-wading.

Match with Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Paraná River Outfitters

Just stopping through Buenos Aires or looking for a day’s adventure just outside the city? Delta Eco-Lodge sits in the richest section of the Parana River’s Delta. Whether you’re just visiting for the day or staying at Delta a few nights, fishing with our excellent partner and head guide Noel Pollak for dorado and other species is an experience not to be missed.


Match with Delta Lodge

Both Pira and Suinda Lodge were designed and built with impeccable service and fishing at the center of their programs. Luxurious accommodations built in local styles provide a comfortable and sophisticated angling experience for all who join us. For those looking to discover the full Argentine Dorado experience, we highly recommend booking a combined trip staying at both of these amazing, finely appointed lodges.

Match with Pirá Lodge and Suindá Lodge

Whether or not your significant other is an angler, Pirá and Delta Eco-Lodge offer the best couples’ experience you could ask for. Each destination has a plethora of activities and adventures, aside from the phenomenal fishing, making them both perfect destinations for relaxing and escaping with the one you love.


Match with Pirá Lodge and Delta Lodge

If the family is joining you on your Dorado adventure, Pirá Lodge or Delta Eco-Lodge are the Dorado destinations for you.

Pirá Lodge offers the best opportunities to explore the world’s second largest wetland via boat and horseback. The Iberá Marshland is a pristine environment boasting more than 350 unique bird species and a cast of other exotic characters like Capybara, Spectacled Caiman, and Marsh Deer. Within the grounds of the lodge, your family will enjoy cooling off in our saltwater pool, or catching fish off our Home Pool’s dock. After dark, enjoy delicious family meals and cocktails before the nightly chorus of the Marshland lulls you to sleep.

Delta Eco Lodge provides adventuring opportunities close to the city of Buenos Aires, and offers access to one of the regions richest dorado fisheries. Delta is perfect for a weekend stay with the family. While you’re not fishing, take a sightseeing tour through the River Plata’s rich natural beauty. After the day’s adventures, you’ll be welcomed back to the lodge for delicious meals, dockside fishing, and entertainment in the lodge’s game room.


Lodge Recommendations for kids:

Children under 15 years: Match with Pirá Lodge and Delta Lodge

Children above 15 years: Match with Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Delta Lodge

If you’re looking to check the legendary Paraná Grand Slam (Dorado, Pacú & Pirá Pitá) off your fly fishing bucket list, look no further than Suindá Lodge. This section of the Paraná is rich with the structure and food these three species need to survive and grow large. After battling dorado on streamers and 8 WT’s, breaking out the 6 WT and a dry fly is a perfect diversion while casting to the hard-fighting Pacú and Pirá Pitá as they feed beneath the fruit trees that bloom during our summers. Both species are pound for pound the two hardest fighting fish in the river and will quickly put a deep bend in your rod and a bright smile on your face.

Match with Suindá Lodge

Delta Eco Lodge is the ideal location for an intimate couples escape from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. The lodge’s location – just a 35-minute boat ride from the city – makes arriving at our lodge a breeze. Delta is a boutique lodge, hosting a maximum of 6 guests in luxury accommodations. Lodge buyouts can be arranged if you desire a truly intimate and private experience


Match with Delta Lodge

Our signature “Dorado Experience” fishing program is the best way to experience the full breadth of Dorado fishing in Argentina. By combining stays at Delta Eco-Lodge, Pirá, and Suindá Lodges you’ll experience the very best of Argentinas’ fisheries coupled with the world-class guides Nervous Waters is known for. Discover the diversity of the Paraná’s fishery beginning in the Lower Paraná close to Buenos Aires with Noel Pollak, the master of dorado on the fly. Then venture north to the Upper Paraná where you’ll find the biggest dorado hunting in the 2nd largest river in South America. Next, explore the intimate channels, streams, and lagoons of the pristine Iberá Marsh. With this program, you’re getting the best possible combination of experiences, environment, and fishing techniques that will grow every angler’s skillset.


Match with Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Delta Lodge

All of our lodges provide loaner 1st class equipment at no extra cost except for the flies used.

Match with Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Delta Lodge, Paraná River Outfitters

Esteros del Iberá Reserve (from the Guaraní language, meaning “Bright Waters”) is one of South America’s most important freshwater reservoirs. Ranked the second-largest wetland in the world after the Pantanal in Brazil, it’s also enormous. The area encompasses more than 3 million acres of flowing water—crystal clear creeks, shallows, lakes, swamps, and lagoons. And Pira Lodge, in northern Argentina’s Corrientes Province, strategically places anglers in the southern tip of the reservoir; a habitat-rich bottleneck where the marsh and Corriente River ecosystems converge. Here, Dorado is king.


Match with Pirá Lodge

Suindá is a dorado-fisher’s dream, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes. The region houses one of the most productive sections on the Upper Paraná River, a clear-water fishery that consistently kicks out good numbers of large dorado. Its secret lies in its structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. You’ll also sight-fish sandbank zones, where, when the conditions are right, colossal dorado hunt sabalo baitfish that seasonally congregate in big schools.

Match with Suindá Lodge

Those stopping over in Buenos Aires with a day or two to spare must see and fish the nearby Paraná River Delta, just 45-minutes from the city. Dorado specialist Noel Pollak is your host at the first fly-fishing operation in the area. The unique fishery allows you to cast within view of city skyscrapers or tuck inside braided wetlands teeming with golden dorado and tarariras. You’ll also see some spectacular wildlife amid the lush indigenous vegetation. Top-shelf fly-fishing equipment is included, as well as delicious Argentine meals and all-inclusive drinks. Delta Fishing Trips deliver an exquisite natural experience, just a short double-haul from the cultural epicenter of Buenos Aires. Let us show you this special getaway.


Match with Delta Lodge

PRO melds one of Argentina’s most renowned outfitters with some of the finest golden dorado guides on the planet. Situated on the middle section of the Río Paraná—South America’s second longest river—this subtropical winter fishery (from June 20 to November 5) targets the peak of the river’s legendary dorado migration.

The annual inflow of Sábalo brings the season to life. Aggressive dorado gorge on the baitfish, growing to sizes of 10 to 40+ lbs. And after two full years of scouting, our guides are keyed in on the habits and habitats of these formidable fish. You’ll sight-fish to monsters prowling the river’s long sandbars. You’ll explore remote backwater creeks. And you’ll cover everything from woody structure to cut-banks and deep channels.


Match with Paraná River Outfitters

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Give us a call or send us an email to chat with one of our experts to select the program that best fits you!If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the lodges or their fishing schedules to help decide which is right for you, just give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have, and our experts can help recommend the lodge that best suits you.

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