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End of Season Report Alto Paraná Lodge – 2017

Throughout the season, river flows fluctuated: ranging from low to normal levels. More rain than usual made for some challenging fishing, at times and we’ve seen everything from very productive sessions to some complex scenarios. Crystal clear water at times equaled spooky, careful fish, and we had to adjust our techniques accordingly for consistent results. River levels are crucial to dorado migration. This fish is propelled upstream to spawn by surges in spring flows. After spawning they feed and recover, returning to their wintertime haunts. This year’s dorado population appears to have been incredibly healthy, a sign of a prodigious spawning season. Not only did we find dorado in good numbers, but baitfish populations were also abundant, including big schools of baby pira pita. Many small dorado were seen and caught, as well as some smaller pacu—lurking under their favorite fruit trees. Apart from these young populations of gamefish, some of the biggest fish we’ve ever seen were landed this summer. We caught dorado weighing up to 30+ pounds. And we landed several large pacu, including a 15.5-pounder. These have been exciting times and we’re looking forward to seeing with the Parana River brings us next season. —Fabian Anastasio, Fly Fishing Guide

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End of Season Report Pirá Lodge – 2017

A Year in Review Pira Lodge’s season began with great weather, ideal water conditions, and a remarkable push of dorado. Expectations were understandably high and on the Corriente River they would soon be met and even exceeded. Mixing it up between throwing streams and skating mouse patterns we prospected for players and found consistent hookups with both sinking and floating-line presentations. As the season progressed, water levels dropped and temperatures climbed. So we ventured into the marsh for a little shade. The fishing remained good, using mainly floating lines and targeting deer-hair loving, surface-oriented dorado. In addition to goldens, we found pira pita paradise—a surprise considering how few we typically catch in the marsh. A number of fun-timing guests joined us this season, including a few first-timers. Mark from the UK, for instance, landed a 15-pounder during his initial outing. Peter and Sheryl, on the other hand, joined us for the fourth time, which turned out to be their best time yet. Another memorable guest was Wayne H., who caught the biggest fish of the summer: 17 pounds. That was until our friend Hernan bested him with a beastly 20-pounder to close the year. In addition to those two big fish, we landed many in the 12- to 15-pound range all season long. Linda N., who traveled from Alaska to Pira by herself, had a wonderful time playing with these double-digit dorado. Rain season came late in the summer. During January and February, water levels consistently dropped… and the fishing was consistently great. But by the beginning of March, storms rolled in raising the water-table and effectively cooling it down. The weather brought some changes to the fishing, too: baitfish flooded into the side-channels and lagoons. The dorado followed. And so did we, finding success in the margins. Overall, guests […]

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End of Season Report Villa Maria Lodge – 2017

When we stepped into the river for the first time in 2017, it was eerily similar to how we left it back in April 2016. There were no signs of the usual spring flooding caused by rain and snowmelt. We found our same rutted truck paths from last year. And the runs were flowing smoothly through their heads and crept slowly along their mid-sections. Wading and crossing the river was as easy as ever. Considering what we found, we scrapped the traditional early-season setups—13-14 ft double-handed rods and dense sinking-tips—and replaced them with lighter speys, switch rods, and even single-handers. Lines, too, were adjusted accordingly: light sink-tips and floaters found their place. Of course, tippets and flies were also downsized, and Green Machines, Prince Nymphs and small rubber-legged were typically the first options fished through a run. During January the river steadily dropped, giving us some of the most impressive fly-fishing experiences I’ve witnessed in many years guiding this river. Imagine casting a single hander, floating line, and a long, supple leader 40 feet to catch a double-digit chromer. This amazing fishing reached its pinnacle when Axel W. hooked a beast using a similar setup. It was 30-pounder… attached to a trout tippet! This unreal fishing spanned the month of January and lasted until the first week of February. By then, rain had found the Rio Grande valley and its headwaters. The weather events that followed produced slight bumps in flows and, on some days, killed the water clarity. Add rising water to a low river stacked with trout and the fish start running upstream, as fast as possible, so they can spread out along the river’s full length. This scenario came to define the last weeks of February. Fishing was more challenging, but it remained interesting as the fish […]

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End of Season Report Kau Tapen Lodge – 2017

Kau Tapen Lodge: Year End Review Sitting down to write the final report of the season, what first comes to mind are the beaming faces of ecstatic clients and the furious fights off all the sea-run browns we hooked and landed. There were a lot of those moments to distill, considering that the 2017 season was officially the best we’ve seen in the past decade. What’s easier to forget are the more challenging times. But success—no matter how great—doesn’t come without its struggles. The season started in January, with some atypical conditions. Water levels were extremely low and water clarity was the equivalent of high-end crystal—without a spec of turbidity. These factors did not deter the fish from entering the system. Quite the opposite, actually. But they did force us to be better guides, working with our passionate clients to find the right formulas for consistently fooling wary fish. At times that meant using long, supple leaders, Scandi lines with intermediate tips, and small nymphs. We faced similar conditions through the month of January and into the first two weeks of February. And despite some great results, we were all praying for kalue (“rain” in the native Ona tongue), because we knew that by mid-season fresh fish would require more water to reach the upstream pools of the Rio Grande. Finally kalue came in the form of twelve days of short but intense rain events. The micro-storms watered our Kau Tapen pastures and the cordilleran zones. Additionally, all the basin tributaries swelled, which caused the Rio Grande to fill out. With the rain came the usual muddy water scenarios. We switched from light setups to our heavier Skagit-style rigs and commenced our deep-dredging program. The river felt the surge of two significant floods during this period. The first pulse brought […]

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Fishing Experience

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 12 : March 25 – April 1, 2017

The last week of summer proved to be an epic time at KauTapen lodge. We received new friends from France, and the CEO of Nervous Waters stopped by with group that included some first-time fly fishers. The Rio Grande was in perfect shape, with a good number of fish spread throughout the system. But it seemed like the sea-run browns there were playing with us, short-striking the fly and coming quickly unbuttoned. The Rio Menendez, on the other hand, was the first to produce, gifting five beautiful trout to “Team France” during their morning session. As the week progressed, Rio Grande water temperatures were on the rise. And dense fog in the mornings, followed by sunny afternoons, helped activate the fish. Our results steadily improved. Noel, with his thin bamboo rod, floating fly line, and a small rubber-legged nymph, landed the first 20 pounder of the week. That fish was only surpassed by Ignacio, who on his last morning landed a beautiful 23-pound buck—his fourth fish ever on the fly! Jean Louis was another winner. During our last hour of fishing on the last day of the week, he connected with an explosive 19-pounder in Fernando’s Pool. It was the perfect ending. Finally… we’re here closing the last week of a great season full of what will surely be cherished memories. Soon we’ll depart, and the mighty sea-run brown trout will take their well-deserved rest. —Gastón Guglielminetti Head Guide, Kau Tapen lodge Water Temp: 10 degrees C Biggest Fish: 23 lbs, Ignacio Number of Fish Hooked: 76 Number Of Fish 15lbs+: 8 Average weight: 9.7 lbs

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Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 11 : March 18 – 25, 2017

The week began with some challenging fishing due to high water and chocolate-colored flows. But as the days progressed, conditions improved as the water levels dropped. Then a cold front blew in, and we were met with new adversities all over again. Chilly water temperatures ranged from 7 degrees C to about 10 degrees. And mornings were consistently slow. By early afternoon through sunset, however, the fish were more cooperative. We used full-sinking lines, or T17 tips, coupled with large flies, and we fished slow and methodically—thoroughly covering the water for the best results. It was a game of patience and persistence, for both guides and clients. And in the end, we all found what we were looking for. Congratulations guests! Fish showed a variety of physical characteristics this week: from bright chromers to sea-run browns showing their pre-spawn colors. And at this point, as we inch toward the end of the fishing season, fresh fish are still entering the system, which bodes well for the weeks ahead.   Guglielminetti Gastón Fishing Manager   Water Temp: 9 ºC Biggest fish: 22 lbs Number of fish hooked: 129 Number of Fish over 15 lbs: 19 Average weight of fish: 10.8 lbs  

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Fishing Report Villa Maria Lodge – Week 11: March 16 – 24 , 2017

Similar to what we experienced the last couple of weeks, river levels have been seesawing daily due to some rain mixed with snowmelt from the headwaters. But the flow fluctuations were mostly mild and predictable—thankfully—and the fish have remained in the deeper channels and slower moving waters. Wind, air, and even water temperatures were pleasant for late March, while the fishing remained erratic and challenging. Finding the winning line/fly combination was a game of experimentation. But overall, heavier tips (up to 15 feet of T17) driving heavy, bushy tubes and colorful intruders produced the best results. Again, our guests did a great job and demonstrated appreciated patience throughout the week. Jean Daniel achieved his trip goals, catching a gorgeous 26-pound hen followed by another 20-pounder. But the biggest surprise came when he landed a 14-pound steelhead swinging a Sunray shadow on an intermediate line. Well done, Jean!   Largest fish of the week: 26 pounds Fish over 20 lbs: 2 Fish over 15 lbs: 4   Alejandro Martello Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Manager  

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Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 10 : March 11 – 18, 2017

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 10 : March 11 – 18, 2017

The week passed was a tough one, we were incredibly unlucky with the weather conditions. We got off to a flying start on day one, river was in good shape and plenty of active fish around. Sadly,Sunday afternoon brought us very heavy rain that continued through to Wednesday, due to this the river rocketed up on Monday afternoon, leaving us with a chocolate brown river with an extra 2 metres of water. Nevertheless we battled on despite the tough conditions and still managed to tick away at the odd fish here and there. We had no choice but to resort to massive flies and sinking lines to try and get to the fish and give them a chance of seeing the fly. By Thursday the river had started to drop back off and clear up again, fish have certainly moved on upstream but plenty more fresh fish had arrived. Friday was a reasonably successful day with the river back down to a very manageable level and reasonably clean. With all taken into consideration, we didn’t to badly at all, and finished up with a perfectly respectable result. The river is slowly dropping off still and losing most of its colour, lets hope we don’t get any more rain and numbers will hopefully pick up again. We are starting to see a lot of fish back on the move again now, some really big older fish starting to get more active. —Toby Burrell Guide at Kau Tapen Lodge Water Temp: 9 Biggest fish: 23lbs Matteo Number of fish hooked: 74 Number of Fish over 15lbs: 16 Average wight of fish: 9.2lbs

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Fishing Report Villa Maria Lodge – Week 9 & 10: March 4 - 16, 2017

Fishing Report Villa Maria Lodge – Week 9 & 10: March 4 – 16, 2017

The last couple of week in Rio Grande, especially the lower section, have been as challenging as ever. February has been quite particular, as it rained for the whole month. Not very intense rain, mostly just drizzle close to  town, but there were 3 or 4 days of very strong rains, especially in the headwaters what changed the game. These rains made the Rio Grande and its tributaries, like Radman, Menendez, and  Ona to change levels and water clarity constantly. This scenario made the fishing very challenging as we had to change where and how we were looking for the fish. Instead of the deep channels we started fishing the tails and shallower waters as this is where the fish like to sit and rest during those conditions. We also had to adjust our lines and the typical 10ft of T11 sinking tip we used along the season was replaced for longer and heavier tips like 15’ of T17 and the nymphs and leeches were replaced for heavy bushy tubes, colorful intruders and most of the time, we had to stack 2 or more flies to get a size and silhouette required for those water conditions.  The takes were sparse and very unpredictable so the fishing was demanding and the fishermen were pushed to do their best to seduce the fish as casting big flies and heavy lines for many hours is not the easiest task. But our guests did a great job and had tons of patience to follow our suggestions for catching that dream fish that everybody has in mind when they step into the river every day. The river is starting to stabilize, drop and clean, so next week we will be up to another new challenge. Largest fish of the week, 26 lbs. Fish over 20 lbs: […]

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Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 9: March 4 - 11, 2017

Fishing Report Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 9: March 4 – 11, 2017

Wow!! One of the finest weeks of the last few years just went down on paper with 253 hooked fish in six days. The Rio Grande and the Menedez were both in perfect shape, and our group of brilliant anglers from Scotland were here to see the angling planets align for them. We had great moments with all our anglers, but I’ll never forget the day with Angus, when he landed a 22-pounder in the morning followed by 24- and 25-pounders at Lila’s pool the same afternoon. Randall was also a fishing machine. He hooked 43 trout. And Robert, who organized the trip, had a banner day on the Menendez, landing consecutive 16- and 19-pound hens on a single-handed rod. Every time we arrived back at the guide house, our fleece sleeves were soaked from releasing so many sea-run browns… and the smiles were contagious. River levels were consistently high for this time of the year, the color of the water was like dark tea, and the Intruder fly under a cloudy sky was the ticket. Mission accomplished guides. Thanks for all your hard work. And a big thanks to the Rio Grande and the Menendez. —Gaston Guglielminetti Head Guide, Kau Tapen Lodge Water Temp: 11 degrees C. Biggest Fish: 25 pounds, Angus Number of Fish Hooked: 253 Number Of Fish 15lbs+: 51 Average weight: 11.9lbs

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