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Why choose Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Patagonia trout fishing represents the epitome of the sport for intrepid anglers for many reasons. Fly fishing in Patagonia, for starters, places you in the heart of spectacular country—from the windswept steppes of Tierra del Fuego to the rugged Junín de los Andes region. Fly fishing in Patagonia was born on the banks of broad-shouldered waters such as the Río Grande, where sea-run brown trout reach world-record sizes. To the north, flowing waters have been made famous by trout fishing trailblazers, on rivers like the Chimehuín and Collón Curá.

Patagonia Fly Fishing Trips

It’s here where Nervous Waters offers a variety of options. Our Patagonia trout fishing lodges, including Kau Tapen and Villa María on the Río Grande, and Northern Patagonia—bordering Lanín National Park—are legendary. Futa Lodge is on the Chilean side of Patagonia. People have tried to compare Patagonia trout fishing to what you might find in Montana or elsewhere. But the truth is fly fishing in Patagonia is a beast unto itself. Sea-run brown trout fishing, for instance, is beyond compare. These anadromous brawlers grow to monstrous proportions and they remain prolific due to staunch fisheries management and the practice of catch and release. Unlike British Columbia or coastal Washington, our fish are free to roam far and wide without the fear of running into a gillnet. Inland, your fly fishing in Patagonia missions are marked by seclusion and exploration. There is no drift boat hatch to start the morning. You will not compete for runs with hundreds of rabid anglers while Patagonia trout fishing. And you will catch the fish of your dreams. Why? Because the best fly fishing that Patagonia has to offer starts with Nervous Waters.

Our Fly Fishing Lodges in Patagonia