Fly Fishing in Chile

Journey to summer south of the Equator (during winter in the U.S.) for diverse trout fishing in a beautiful, serene, and welcoming country. In addition to dry-fly fishing for wild trout, Chile has mountain peaks higher than the Rockies as well as plant and animal species found nowhere else on the planet. Chile is renowned for its beauty and natural resources. In fact, in the 1920s the country put into operation one of the finest national park systems in the world. As you fish for rainbow and brown trout, you’ll discover prehistoric rainforests and spectacular waterfalls. If you’re really thirsting for adventure, you can visit our Argentine lodges all in the same trip—no flights required, just a beautiful drive over the Andes.

More about Fly Fishing in Chile

Futa Lodge, located on the Futaleufú River, has clear waters teeming with wild browns and rainbows. The first class accommodations and services provided by the lodge and its staff make this an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime. The lodge accommodates up to eight guests (six anglers) and offers excellent Chilean wines and cuisine.

Most anglers come to Chile to fish for trout. European settlers introduced browns and rainbows and a third species, brook trout, early in the twentieth century. The techniques used to fish for Chilean trout are similar to those used in the American West, since their diets are similar. You don’t need any special skills—just a love for fishing. Contact us today to book your Chilean trout fishing escape.

At each lodge, our commitment is the same

We work tirelessly before, during, and after the season to offer our fishing guests an authentic and rewarding experience. We pay attention to the smallest details—from being on time every time, to the quality of our wines, to the type of vehicles & boats we choose. Our Chilean fly-fishing lodge hosts only a limited number of guests each week, again ensuring great service and plenty of “elbowroom” in the lodge and on the river.