Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Freshwater Dorado Fish

Freshwater dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) are often described as a prehistoric-looking salmon with jaws as powerful as a pit bull’s. A pretty accurate depiction to us. Dorado are also strikingly beautiful, extremely strong, and they jump like a Tarpon when hooked. All in all, they may claim the prize as the most exciting freshwater gamefish on the planet.

Golden Dorado Fishing Trips

Dorado have long been one of the most admired fish in South America; but for many years they were lesser-known to the rest of the world. Recently, they’ve found fame with traveling fly anglers who appreciate solid takes on streamers and exciting sight-fishing opportunities.

Although the Dorado’s body is similar to a salmon’s, the two species are not related. Unlike salmon, these fish never swim to the ocean. And while its common name is similar, the Dorado is a freshwater gamefish and not to be confused with the Mahi-Mahi which is also called ‘El Dorado’ in many Spanish-speaking countries.

Dorado typically range in size from 5-to-10 pounds. In some fisheries, much larger fish are common. The dorado is an acrobatic jumper and a prodigious fighter. Once fooled with a fly, their arm-wrenching strike is a testament to their ferocity. Join us at Pirá Lodge, Suindá Lodge, Delta Eco-Lodge or at Paraná River Outfitters and experience their power for yourself.

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