The Dorado

Golden Dorado

Freshwater dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) are often described as a prehistoric-looking salmon with jaws as powerful as a pit bull’s. A pretty accurate depiction. Dorado are also strikingly beautiful, extremely strong, and they jump when hooked. Also a pretty good recipe for a freshwater gamefish.

Dorado have long been one of the most admired fish in South America; but for many years they were lesser-known to the rest of the world. In recent times they’ve found fame with traveling fly fishers who appreciate solid grabs on streamers and exciting sight-fishing opportunities.

Although the dorado’s body is similar to a salmon’s, the two species are not related. Unlike salmon, never swim to the ocean. And while its common name is similar, the dorado is a freshwater gamefish and not to be confused with the saltwater “dolphin fish” (called ‘el dorado’ in many Spanish-speaking countries).

Dorado typically range in size from 5 to 10 pounds. In some fisheries, much larger fish are common. The dorado is an acrobatic jumper and a prodigious fighter. Once fooled with a fly, their arm-wrenching strike is a testament to their ferocity. Join us at Pira Lodge, Suinda Lodge, or on the Delta and experience the pull for yourself.

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