Pacú Fish

Also in the Characidae family, Piaractus mesopotamicus is the species known as Pacú in the north of Argentina. This powerful round-shaped fish can get seriously big, sometimes tipping the scales at over 30 lbs. Like Pirá Pitá, Pacú are omnivorous, and chances are you will find them surface feeding on fruit or insects—producing perfect sight-fishing scenarios that leave any fly angler drooling. Finding big Pacú eating slowly on the surface, under a tree, for instance, can be thrilling.

More about Pacú

Pacú rarely jump, but their size, strength, and prodigious runs put them in the hard-fighting class. In general, they’re considered an elusive catch and they’re often compared to the saltwater permit. Ten to Fifteen-plus pound fish are typical, but they can get much larger, thanks to the abundance of fruit and forage in the Paraná River basin.

Pacú Lodges