Pirá Pitá

Pirá Pitá Fish

In northern Argentina there are two fish species belonging to the Brycon genus, both of them known in mainstream fishing culture as “Pirá Pitá”. Like Dorado, they’re part of the Characidae Family and, among fly anglers, they are distinguished by color: Pirá Pitá Plateado or Blanco (silver or white) and Pirá Pitá Amarillo (yellow). The former is Brycon orbignyanus (Piracanjuba) and the latter is Brycon hilarii (Piraputanga). From a fishing standpoint, the balance between behavior, strength and physical characteristics make them two of the most interesting gamefish in South America.

More about Pirá Pitá

The upper section of the Paraná River is one of the best places to catch Pirá Pitá. Anglers visiting the area with an 8-weight, in search of dorado, should also pack a 5 or 6-weight rod and some dry flies with strong hooks (1 or 1-0) for encounters with the species. Being omnivorous, Pirá Pitá can be caught using a range of imitations, including those portraying insects, fruit, minnows, mice and even flowers. Be prepared for exciting surface takes that will leave you begging for more… pound-to-pound probably one of the most aggressive & strongest freshwater species you will encounter.

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