Delta Eco Lodge

Fish Story: An Extravagant or Incredible Tale, By Eric Ladd

FISH STORY: AN EXTRAVAGANT OR INCREDIBLE TALE by Eric Ladd In the heart of northern Argentina lies the kingdom of the Dorado, spanning from Pira Lodge on the Ibera Marshlands, to Delta Lodge where the Paraná River empties into the Atlantic. In between, anglers encounter the largest Dorado on Planet Earth during their annual migrations. …


Delta Lodge – Fishing Report 2016

After an up-and-down season for dorado and tararira due to flooding in the north, we’re finally seeing some stability and promising fishing. In late January, we hooked the biggest dorado we’ve ever seen in the Delta. Unfortunately, he spit the fly during one of several stratospheric jumps. We guess it was a 16+ pounder. That’s …


Technical Fishing for Golden Dorado

Presentation Depending on the weather conditions and environment requires different presentations. For instance casting close quarters for Dorado in very calm water with little wind when the Dorados are less active requires a very different technique. The angler is required to present the fly with as little disturbance as possible. This means the cast should …