Suindá Lodge – February 2023 Fishing Report

By Fabián Anastasio - Suindá Lodge Fishing Guide

In the past month, the Paraná River has been at a good and consistent water level, where we are still finding very large schools of bait all along shores and sandbars. Which has been fantastic to see, and is keeping our target species very happy and on the hunt.

When these conditions are stable for a few weeks, we find that the dorado take full advantage and show up in their usual zones. Some good catches were made just before sunrise while swinging big flies over submerged rocks, others along our sandy shores and in the loggy structure. We expect to see improved action on sandbars soon, as long as the water levels continue to cooperate.  

Pacú fishing has started to be productive, most of them have been taken on sinking fruit flies and some exiting situations with big dry flies like cicadas and floating fruit. Guests have also brought several solid Pira-Pitas to hand with these same flies and also with small streamers, keeping fishing sessions entertaining and diverse.

So far the biggest Dorado of February is 27 pounds for Charlie. A stunning catch!

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