Delta Lodge

Paraná Delta, Argentina
Dorado, Tararira & other native species

The Delta Fishing Trips is a new program located near Buenos Aires that will please serious anglers and business travelers alike: a lodge deeply submerged in nature but only minutes away from the city—offering the kinds of high-quality fishing, guiding, lodging and dining experiences only Nervous Waters can provide. The Paraná River, one of the most remarkable watersheds in South America, develops into an incredible ecosystem at the end of its run into the Rio de la Plata, just outside of greater Buenos Aires. Known as the Delta, this endless labyrinth of streams, braids, sidechannels, bays, and islands brims with wildlife and beautiful dorado waters. This UNESCO designated “Biosphere Reserve” is also a bird watcher’s paradise. Here you’ll find the Delta Fishing Lodge, where our guided fly fishing programs take place.   We offer two options in this unique area: For those who must stay in Buenos Aires for a day/night before heading to a fishing lodge elsewhere in the country, there is the day trip program. A private car will pick you up at your hotel and in just 35 minutes you’ll be on board custom made skiff—ready to go after dorado and tarariras with fly tackle. And for those willing to spend 1 or 2 more days, we’ve developed an exciting new lodge in the secluded islands surrounded by almost unexplored wild life.

Why Choose Delta Day Trips & Eco Lodge?

  • A true wilderness experience, surprisingly close to Buenos Aires. From the city center it’s a 35-minute drive to the marina, where you’ll be picked up and shuttled by boat another 35 minutes to our Paraná Delta location.
  • Exclusive post-and-beam villa on a private island surrounded by nature.
  • Fly or spin-fishing for dorado and tararira across a variety of water types ranging from small creeks and lagoons to larger rivers.
  • Perfect escape for those traveling to Argentina and passing through Buenos Aires. Spend 1 or 2 nights, or join us for a day trip. We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Buenos Aires and ensure your timely return.
  • Sightseeing opportunities abound. Ideal for couples. In addition to fishing, bird watching and kayaking itineraries are available.
  • Inspired dining experience, featuring indigenous and international cuisine paired with the region’s best wines.
  • Your guide and host, co-owner Noel Pollak, is one of the world’s top dorado experts.
  • 5-star service and scrupulous attention to every detail.
  • Superb fishing gear—from our custom skiffs to industry-leading fishing equipment available at no extra cost.
  • Fly-fishing and -tying instruction by resident professional, Noel Pollak.


Coordinates: 34°16’57.0″S 58°34’33.6″W

The lodge is located less than an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires, on the second section of the Lower Parana Delta in northeastern Buenos Aires province. Few cosmopolitan cities have such an amazing abundance of wilderness right at their doorsteps. Due to the unique nature of this zone, UNESCO designated it a “Biosphere Reserve” back in 2000. This is where the legendary Parana River Basin, the second largest of its kind in South America, ends its journey and flows into the Rio de la Plata. Thousands of creeks, streams, channels, islands, and rivers of all sizes make up this extensive 90,000 ha ecosystem. In addition to great fishing, the area is home to incredible birdlife, so it’s a must for birders.

Getting There

Guests fly into Buenos Aires and typically overnight there having spent a day touring this wonderful city. A transfer with a professional driver will pick up guests either at the international or domestic airport in Buenos Aires, or at the hotel where guests are located. Drive time to the marina, where the guide and the skiff will be waiting, is about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the traffic. Boat run from the marina to the lodge is about 25 minutes though the Delta.



Facilities & Services

The Lodge

The lodge was constructed in the “Delta” style, a traditional wood construction built on stilts. The maximum capacity is 8 guests and 6 anglers which ensures intimacy and personalized attention.

Each room has two beds and a private bathroom. Single rooms are a possibility and available under request. If you would like one, please make the request prior to your trip.

Food and Drink

At Nervous Waters, our kitchens come to life through the use of fresh and regionally representative meats and produce. By combining these elements, we create delicious flavors and varied textures that harbor hidden stories and package traditions on each plate. A top-notch team of experienced national and international chefs, trained in both classic and avant-garde culinary techniques, execute our food. With an artisan’s touch, chefs prepare every dish by scratch to be served at a minute’s notice.

Our inspired lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of Argentina’s—and the world’s—best wines, Bodega Catena Zapata.

In addition to our focus on fresh food with organic origins, we also celebrate our Argentine heritage with a wine partnership that brings truly world class wines to our lodges. We feel that the food we present and the wines we serve should mirror the sporting opportunities we offer—and be the very best available. While our vast country offers many options for traditional activities such as riding, hunting, eating good meats, and drinking good wines, we have chosen to blend fine food and outdoor activity at an even higher level. We feel our offerings from Bodega Catena Zapata blend perfectly into our harmonious niche in the sporting environment. Boasting many accolades from the wine community at large, a Bodega Catena Zapata wine recently received a “number four in the world” icon ranking from Wine Advocate. These are truly great wines that compete on the world stage and in addition to enjoying your sporting holiday and our excellent menus, we hope you will also take note of our wines. They hold a special place in our culture and we are proud to serve them to you.

Delta Fishing Trips & Lodge offers wonderful cuisine consisting of local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and delicious desserts.

A traditional asado (BBQ) will be held once during your stay, and you can sample different cuts of meat and wonderful salads. Breakfast is served al fresco during part of the season, and full cooked breakfast is also available, together with fresh fruit, yogurts, home baked bread and jams and a selection of cereals.

The Daily Program

Delta Fishing Day Trips

Your Delta Day Trip will begin after breakfast, with a prearranged transfer from your hotel to the marina.

After a morning fishing session and depending on where the fishing took place, lunch will be held either at the lodge or full meals can be prepared in advance and taken onboard. All drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are included for lunch.

The afternoon fishing session ends at 6 pm. Scheduled transfers return guests to hotels after fishing.

Lodge options are also available for those interested in an overnighter coupled with great dorado fishing.

Delta Fishing Trips & Lodge

For those staying overnight, appetizers and dinner are served at 8:30 p.m. and breakfast time on the following morning is pre-arranged with guests, followed by some more great dorado and tararira fishing. Fishing hours will change slightly depending on the time of year.

Canoeing around the lodge area is a pleasant side activity. Bird watching is fantastic as well. Other activities include exploring the cultural life at the Delta, visiting museums, ecological reservoirs, and restaurants, among others.


Noel Pollak—manager, guide, and co-owner of the operation—is considered Argentina’s preeminent dorado expert.
Although the dorado is one of the most exciting gamefish to catch, there is very little written about fly fishing for dorado in this area. Its complex feeding regime and migratory nature ensure challenging and rewarding fishing opportunities for both expert and entry-level anglers.
Dorado is strong and acrobatic—and their pursuit is often more about quality experiences than a numbers game. Our dorado range from 5 to 7 pounds, but guests had cath 15+ pounders.


Another of the species we target, the tararira, is an aggressive prehistoric looking fish that take poppers and surface flies like few others. Sight-fishing for them is our specialty. They are similar in size to local dorado. The biggest caught by our guests so far was 11.5 pounds.


Specie Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sea-Run Brown Trout
Pirá Pitá
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Wild black buck
Axis deer
Red Stag
Fallow Deer
Wild Boar


Specie Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Fishing Equipment

Delta Fishing Trips program provides anglers with high quality loaner fishing equipment.
Rods: For those anglers who prefer using their own equipment, a 9-footer, 7-weight rod is a good all-rounder for this area.
Sage makes some of the best dorado rods available. In addition to a lifetime warranty, the company engineers several high-performance options perfectly suited for fishing at the Paraná Delta.
Lines and Leaders: The lines used are warm water floating fly lines. Leaders are usually as long as the rod, finished with a piece of wire to avoid cuts. Dorado has sharp teeth. 20 and 26 lbs test American fishing wire in CAMO color is the ideal.
Fast stripping is usually the way to present your fly: cloth finger covers are useful for those who are not so used to this kind of fishing. Polarized sunglasses are very important since there might be good chances for sight casting.
Flies: We will provide you with a selection of fly patterns.

Dorado Fly Patterns

In most cases, golden dorado prefers dark streamers that produce visible silhouettes. Nevertheless, there are situations when carrying a mixture of brighter colors can be effective. So don’t be afraid to experiment across the color spectrum. All flies should be tied on stout 1/0 to 3/0 hooks. Streamers can be tied from 4 to 6 inches long, or longer. However, it’s important that they’re light enough to cast. For the real big stuff, we recommend hydrophobic materials that shed water and therefore cast farther than a water-soaked materials. In order to make your flies more durable, add glue or epoxy throughout the tying process if necessary.
For more details on a few of our favorite, dorado flies— including how to properly tie and fish them—follow the link.

Spinning and Baitcasting Equipment

Rods: In both cases, spinning and bait-casting, fix to 8 ft rods for light to medium action are recommended.
Reels: Open-face spinning reels are the easiest to use but, inexperienced hands, bait-casters are the easiest to use accurately and they give you the best chance to place your lure where you want it. Baitcasters should feature a high-speed retrieval ratio, as lures are normally worked very rapidly. Whichever style is your favorite, it will need to be loaded with 25-30 lb line.
Leaders: Steel leaders are a must. Dorado has sharp teeth and a 5 to 10 inch, 20-30 lb test steel leader is needed.
Lures: The list is never-ending. Don’t be afraid to bring your own and experiment. There’s always a chance that the lure you bring will change our way of fishing forever.

  • § Spinner baits § Spoons from to 1/4 to 2 oz (johnson minous and other models that have weed gaurd are specially recomended) § Weedless frog imitations § Rapala Gliding Rap 12 § Rapala Super Shad Rap 14 § Rapala C Rap 8-10 & 12 § Rat-L-Trap, 1/4-3/4 oz § Rapala Husky Jerk, 3/4 oz § Rapala Jointed Minnow (very effective) § Rapala Original Floating, 3/4 oz § Rapala Rattlin Rap, 3/8 oz § Rapala Original Floating, 3/4 oz § Mepps Spinners, 2, 3 and 4 § Zara Spook § Hula Poppers § Slugg-O Plastic Baits § Jigs from 1/4 to 3/4 oz § Wood Choppers (and basically any top water lures with propellers)
    Note: for those who enjoy the pleasure of ultralight fishing the area has very good possibilities not only for dorado and tararira but for a number of interesting native species.


Noel Pollak—manager, guide, and co-owner of the operation—is considered Argentina’s preeminent dorado expert.
Although the dorado is one of the most exciting gamefish to catch, there is very little written about fly fishing for dorado in this area. Its complex feeding regime and migratory nature ensure challenging and rewarding fishing opportunities for both expert and entry-level anglers.
Dorado is strong and acrobatic—and their pursuit is often more about quality experiences than a numbers game. Our dorado range from 5 to 7 pounds, but guests had cath 15+ pounders.


Another of the species we target, the tararira, is an aggressive prehistoric looking fish that take poppers and surface flies like few others. Sight-fishing for them is our specialty. They are similar in size to local dorado. The biggest caught by our guests so far was 11.5 pounds.

Delta Lodge


Season 2019-2020: September 2020 – May 2021

Day trip price per boat (up to 2 fishermen): $800

Half day trip price per boat (up to 2 fishermen): $700

Overnight per person: $ 450

3rd Fisherman: + $150

  • Included: Professional guides service, meals and soft drinks and alcohol beverages for lunch & loaner fishing equipment (Rods, reels, Lines and flies).
  • Not included: Transfer to the marina ($250 round trip for up to 3 passengers) and gratuities.

*Prices are in USD

  • "It was all very good in a nice quiet place. Very Friendly guide has knowledge of..."


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  • "Loved the lodge position etc. Noel is such an excelletn host and guide.


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  • "As the wife of a fisherman it exceeded my expectations but my husband was natura..."

    stephen & Judy

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  • "Very relaxing after a long flight. brillliant iwner/guide. great company.


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  • "Lodge was beautiful, food excellent. guides, service top notch.


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