Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 12 : March 25 – April 1, 2017

The last week of summer proved to be an epic time at KauTapen lodge. We received new friends from France, and the CEO of Nervous Waters stopped by with group that included some first-time fly fishers.

The Rio Grande was in perfect shape, with a good number of fish spread throughout the system. But it seemed like the sea-run browns there were playing with us, short-striking the fly and coming quickly unbuttoned.

The Rio Menendez, on the other hand, was the first to produce, gifting five beautiful trout to “Team France” during their morning session. As the week progressed, Rio Grande water temperatures were on the rise. And dense fog in the mornings, followed by sunny afternoons, helped activate the fish. Our results steadily improved.

Noel, with his thin bamboo rod, floating fly line, and a small rubber-legged nymph, landed the first 20 pounder of the week. That fish was only surpassed by Ignacio, who on his last morning landed a beautiful 23-pound buck—his fourth fish ever on the fly! Jean Louis was another winner. During our last hour of fishing on the last day of the week, he connected with an explosive 19-pounder in Fernando’s Pool. It was the perfect ending.

Finally… we’re here closing the last week of a great season full of what will surely be cherished memories. Soon we’ll depart, and the mighty sea-run brown trout will take their well-deserved rest.

—Gastón Guglielminetti
Head Guide, Kau Tapen lodge
Water Temp: 10 degrees C

Biggest Fish: 23 lbs, Ignacio

Number of Fish Hooked: 76

Number Of Fish 15lbs+: 8

Average weight: 9.7 lbs

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