Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 8: Feb. 25 – March 4, 2017

It’s been an explosive week at Kau Tapen Lodge. The river has been flowing at an ideal level, water clarity was good, and the wind was practically absent. That hard to beat scenario was made even better by the addition of good fishermen and cooperative sea-run browns. And the result was the best week we’ve had all summer for numbers of fish landed.

Smiles and hugs were constants. So were big flies and rigs lined with quick sink-tips. With weapons in hand, our extended U.S. family of Bill, Janet, Jake, and Frost, who visit us every year, broke all the statistics imaginable. Between them, 87 fish were landed and a few more lost. Incredible!

New friends from Russia, Germany, Australia and England completed the group. Pat’s first cast produced a beautiful 17-pound hen. Not bad for an 87 year old. And I have to mention Frank and Jamie, who on their first trip to Kau Tapen Lodge experienced some unforgettable fishing.

I also want to thank my group of guides, who’ve done a brilliant job this past week. Let’s see if we can break another record… starting now.


—Gaston Guglielminetti

Head Guide, Kau Tapen Lodge


Water Temp: 11 ºC

Biggest fish: 22 pounds, Bill

Number of fish hooked: 242

Number of Fish over 15 pounds: 52

Average weight of fish: 11.6 pounds

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