Futa Lodge – Fishing Report

Futa Lodge January 2015 Fishing Report – By Juan Lange

The Futaleufu River is renowned for its whitewater stretches that attract kayakers and rafting thrill-seekers from around the globe. But what about the placid side of this monster? Futa lodge is located on a gentler section of the river, where trout wait patiently under the surface looking for wayward flies. Here, anglers find eddies holding large cruising trout that can be targeted with nymphs, drys, and streamers.

This year, the upstream dam on the Argentinean side of the river has kept water levels low, giving us fisherman an advantage. Long runs of knee-deep water are loaded with trout looking for their next meal. And we can leave the rafts aside, wading these areas that are typically too fast and deep to ply on foot. In the deeper eddies, guests have found several 23 inchers. Terrestrial season is in full effect, and we’re having success with Fat Alberts, PMXs, and Club Sandwich-style flies. Caddis and stoneflies in the evenings continue to produce, too. And the hatches have been unbelievably thick—like something out of a movie!

By Juan Lange
Futa Lodge Fishing Manager

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