Gear we love – The most important piece of gear I own

Bonefishing is all about being able to see.  My sunglasses are my number one piece of equipment when I’m sight fishing.   Anywhere I travel I carry three pairs

  • Green mirror 580 glass lens Costas (I like the Roosters) These are my standard go to shades and I wear them 80% of the time.  Trout, salt they are part of me and I feel naked without them dangling around my neck.
  • Silver Sunrise 580p (here) –These are the ones for cloudy and rainy days, early mornings on the flats. They offer the most light transmission while still providing the glare cutting technology you need.  I can’t live without them.
  • My third pair are prescription backups in the green mirror 580. I wear contacts and these provide me with the security I need for any trip.  If I lose or break my primary pair I can always wear these.  If I’m having problems with my contacts I always have a backup.   You can get Costa technology in your Rx – here’s a list of dealers.

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