Suindá – February, 2024

Throughout February, our river experienced quite the rollercoaster ride in water levels, hitting its lowest point of the season before eventually settling at a historically regular level by the end. Despite the unpredictability, this period brought exciting changes to the fishing dynamics. Deeper rocks became hotspots teeming with fish, and the increased presence of bait on numerous sandbars made flat fishing exceptionally active.

Our anglers had a blast with Pira Pita fishing, employing a variety of techniques including dry flies, floating and sinking fruit flies, and even experimenting with dropper dry fly-fruit setups—all yielding impressive results.

In terms of highlights, Pablo’s memorable catch of a big dorado on a popper, achieved through sight casting on a sandbar, stands out. Additionally, we celebrated a significant milestone with our repeat guest Kris from Nantucket, who landed their largest dorado ever, making it an unforgettable moment at our lodge.

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