January 2015

Villa Maria Lodge – January 10 – 16, 2015

This year we’re off to an interesting start at Villa Maria. The river’s course changed noticeably during spring floods and the fish have been busy finding the best new spots to stop and gather. During the past several days, our guides have witnessed good numbers of fresh fish charging upstream. These runs, full of 4 to 10 pound trout, have been filling pools in the morning, resting briefly, then departing again in the afternoons. Timing, thus, has been key. And adapting to the fast-changing circumstances has called for a mixed-bag of presentations: everything from Type-8 sinking tips and weighted Rubber-legs flies to delicately swinging Prince Nymphs on intermediate tips. The river has also been dropping daily, by about 6-8 inches last week alone. But that’s normal in January, which is typically a dry month. During sunny and bright days the twilight hour has fished well with leeches. Most flies worked fine, but leeches and Rubber-legs were the best options coming out the fly boxes.   Largest fish of the week: 20 pounds. Fish over 15 pounds: 5 by Alejandro Martello

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