Villa María Lodge – Week 4: January 18th to 25th, 2024

At Villa Maria Lodge, the fourth week of the season showcased the
extremes of Patagonian weather. The initial half of the week greeted
anglers with a wild dance of a 90km/h gusty wind, accompanied by
relentless sunshine. Despite the challenging conditions, some fish were
landed, yet it was evident that the river held the promise of much more.

The latter part of the week witnessed a favorable turn as the weather
settled, bringing a welcome relief from the furious winds. The clouds
painted the sky, and with this change, the river came alive. Catches
became more consistent throughout the day, and the elusive big fish
began to make their appearances.

Despite a forecast that hinted at rain, the drops never materialized,
leaving everything surprisingly dry. The river – steadily receding each
day – maintained crystal-clear visibility. These conditions called for
finesse with lighter setups, longer leaders, and diminutive flies proving
most effective.

Switch rods and light double handers proved to be invaluable tools,
especially on calmer, less windy days. Short and light sink tips paired
with small flies reigned supreme for most of the week. However, when
the wind howled or the sun dipped below the horizon, anglers found
success with leech or intruder patterns—enticing the sea trout with a
larger silhouette.

Looking ahead to the next week, a semblance of the same conditions is
expected, though a potential twist looms as heavy rain might make an
appearance towards the week's end. Until then, the strategy remains
clear—go thinner, go lighter, and stay poised for that thrilling connection
with a trophy Rio Grande sea trout. Tight lines!

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