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At the edge of the world by Chad Shmukler

Images: Chad Shmukler and Earl Harper.  Words: Chad Shmukler. Tierra del Fuego, the windswept archipelago at the tip of South America, might rightly be called the edge of the world. Separated from the rest of the South American continent by the Straights of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost location on the entire globe one …


Fly fishing in the Land of fire – by Evan Mcglinn

In the snow-capped Andes of nearby Chile, the Rio Grande flows through desolate lowland made up of sheep-farming estancias. There is little sign of man in this part of Argentina. Yet the remote locale features some of the largest brown trout in the world. Every fly fisherman owes a debt of gratitude to a troutloving …


The 10 Best Fly-fishing Lodges Around the World

Top Ten Lodges in the world – and we are on it twice! We are so happy and proud to see two of our lodges on this famed list. Kau Tapen Lodge on the very first place – that, after 35 years of world-class brown trout fishing, has not lost any of its charm. And …