Gold Rush

Gold Rush

story Kathryn Fensterstock
photos Fly Fishing Nation


Be sure to check out the new issue of DUN Magazine for its colorful feature story on Pira Lodge, in the Ibera Marsh. The piece, entitled “Gold Rush”, details the great dorado fishing in the region. Plus it’s jam packed with stunning shots.


“Quietly crawling through marshland with my rod balanced on my shoulder and doing my best to stay out of sight, I was reminded of stalking chalk stream trout in the British countryside, not a technique I had anticipated when fishing for the aggressive golden dorado in the Ibera Marsh of Northern Argentina. But, I was in fact after salminus brasiliensis, and this morning’s delicate roll casting in the small and intricate channels of the marshland was one example of how golden dorado fishing constantly keeps an angler on their toes, trying new techniques in varied environments”.


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