Mayazul Lodge – Meet our team!

We are pleased to introduce our dedicated team of seasoned guides, where expertise meets passion. With deep knowledge of the Ascension Bay area and a genuine love for exploration, our team is committed to crafting fishing journeys that go beyond the ordinary. Join us, and let our guides lead you on the permit (tarpon, snook & bonefish are also on the menu) fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Christian Geovani Cardenas Canul - "Kery"

Instagram: @Christian.permit

Kery was born and raised in Javier Rojo Gomez, better known as Punta Allen. Kery has been fishing for 19 years and guiding for the last 17 years. In his free time, Kery likes to travel and explore the world. His main hobby is riding his motorcycle! 

Years Fishing: 19 years

Years Guiding: 17 years

Favorite Species: Permit

Carlos Rodolfo Briceño - "Rodo"

Instagram: @rodobrizz

Rodo has been chasing Permit since he was a very young kid. This is what he knows best. Rodo was born and raised in Punta Allen, a true local. He left Punta Allen for a couple of years to study abroad, but his passion for the sea brought him back. Rodo has been guiding for the last 16 years. His hobbies include tying permit and tarpon flies, teaching others how to tie them, spending time with his family, and cooking for them while talking about fishing.

Years Fishing: Since birth

Years Guiding: 16 years

Favorite Species: Permit

Pedro Emmanuel Tax Lara - "Pedro"

Instagram: @capt.pedro_emmanue

Pedro loves catching Permit and large Tarpon. Born and raised in Punta Allen, he started fishing 15 years ago and began guiding just 2 years later. In his free time, Pedro enjoys watching F1 and resting. However, if migratory Tarpon are around, he goes chasing them. His hobbies are playing soccer, baseball, and softball.

Years Fishing: 15 years

Years Guiding: 13 years

Favorite Species: Permit and Tarpon

Abraham Alejandro Zapata Novelo - "Alex"

Instagram: @alexzapata635

Alex was born in Felipe Carrillo Puerto but raised in Punta Allen. In his free time, Alex likes to rest and spend time with his family. His hobbies include spending time by the sea and, of course, fishing, which is great therapy for him! Alex has been fishing for the last 20 years and guiding for 15 years.

Years Fishing: 20 years

Years Guiding: 15 years

Favorite Species: Snook

Carlos Eliam Salazar Braga - "Eliam"

Instagram: @eliam.salazar

Eliam loves spending time at sea and finding new ways to fish. Born in Merida but raised in Punta Allen, it’s no surprise that he loves the sea. He has been fishing since 2008 and, for the last 3 years, has also been guiding. In his free time, Eliam enjoys fishing and camping with friends. Playing volleyball is one of his favorite hobbies.

Years Fishing: 16 years

Years Guiding: 3 years

Favorite Species: Permit

Join us and let these passionate guides show you the best of Ascension Bay!

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