November 2016

Fly Fusion Magazine

Fishing in Bahamas

Fly Fusion Magazine recently spotlighted the spectacular flats fishing at Abaco Lodge. For those planning fall trips to the Marls, this bonefish-rich photoessay by Daniel Shepler is sure to get you fired up. “This barracuda was spotted laid up, so we grabbed the trusty Redington Vapen Black pre-rigged with top water popper. The fly was placed just off the bow of the fish and we all watched as the fish exploded, head out of the water, for the popping surface fly…”   Read the article

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Fly Girls Week 2017 @ Abaco Lodge

Fly Girls Week

We’re At It Again… Fly Girls Week 2017 is just around the corner! After an extremely successful and fun inaugural trip to Nervous Waters’ Bairs Lodge in 2016, Captains Ali Hobson and Alissa Vinoski have decided to put a second trip together after much interest and inquiry from many female fly-fishing enthusiasts! As with last year’s trip, we will be fully equipped to perfect all-skill levels of lady fly anglers…from beginner to master levels. Fly-fishing guide and instructor, Capt. Alissa. As with last year’s trip, we will be fully equipped to perfect all-skill levels of lady fly anglers…from beginner to master levels. Fly-fishing guide and instructor, Capt. Alissa Vinoski, has formulated several instructional clinics that will be sporadically placed throughout this year’s trip to help you excel at and improve your fly angling skills. Last year, each lady angler had the opportunity to work closely with Capt. Alissa on the skiffs while having numerous shots at bonefish. Please read on for more specific information on the trip of a lifetime… CONTACT US to book your spot!  

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Bonefish Beware: Fish with Flip Pallot @AbacoLodge in June


In 2009, Flip Pallot attended the opening of Abaco Lodge and spent time with its managing partner, Oliver White. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and Flip began, the next summer, to host groups at the lodge. He’s been entertaining and educating these lucky anglers ever since. “It’s become a tradition that I look forward to each year,” Flip says. “This coming summer is no exception.” For 2017, add your name to the list and join legendary angler Flip Pallot for four days of bonefishing on the vast flats of Abaco’s world-renowned Marls. In addition to casting, presentation, and fly-selection sessions with the master, this all-inclusive package includes time on the water with Abaco Lodge’s top-shelf guide staff. Off the water, relax in one of ten spacious private rooms, with private bath, that open onto a back verandah overlooking the Marls. Open bar and exquisite meals add to the exceptional value of this special summer offer. COST: $4,750, plus Bahamas VAT tax. DATES: –          June 5th  -10th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots –          June 10th  – 15th (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  4 spots –          June 15th – 20th  (5 nights and 4 days fishing)  –  6 spots Book today to secure your prime spot with Flip Pallot in bonefish paradise.

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Pira Pitá Fly Patterns


At Alto Parana lodge, anglers target resident Pira Pitá with lighter tackle than what is typically used for dorado. We recommend 6 weight rods for presenting assorted dry flies. Patterns might represent from bugs o small fruits that fall from local trees and even flowers. It is important to choose hooks that are strong and light at the same time for this flies. In addition to dries, we also fish small, bright baitfish imitations and leech-style streamers. Some examples: Gurgler Info: This fly is no more than 2-3 inches long and is often used for a number of different species, such as Bass and Redfish. The Gurgler was given its name due to the “gurgle” made when stripped and has been widely accepted as a very effective fly. Materials: Foam Sheet, Rubber Legs, Craft Fur, Hackle, 3/0 or 210 Denier Thread, Gamakatsu P10-2L1H Hook. How to Fish: This fly should be fished near structure and trees where it is common for insects to fall off. The fly should be stripped with very short and fast twitches with pauses in between to make it look like it’s a moving insect in distress. When to Fish: Best to fish when pira pita are more are more active. This is often during the morning and evening periods. Where to Fish: This can be fished in the upper Parana River or Alto Parana where Pira pita are common. Tie: Tie a base layer of thread to the end of the shank before tying in a small clump of Craft Fur to create the tail. With the 2 pieces of cut foam tie in the back section first and add the rubber legs on each side. Pull the foam back and tie in the end of the hackle by the tail before winding the thread […]

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Every Cast Gets Us Closer

Dorado Fishing

Every Cast Gets Us Closer Casting 4 A Cure at Bair’s Lodge, Bahamas Winter at Bair’s Lodge is the time to escape the cold and connect with monster bonefish. This February, it’s also an ideal period to fish with good friends and rally around a great cause: Curing Rett Syndrome. From February 18th to 23rd, join Bill Farnum and Casting 4 A Cure (C4C) as they return to South Andros Island for some of the best flats fishing in the Bahamas. Nervous Waters will donate half of all proceeds from bookings to C4C, with a goal to raise $23,550 for the non-profit organization that raises critical funds for Rett Syndrome research and to support affected families. WHO: Casting 4 A Cure, with Bill Farnum WHAT: Winter Bonefishing and a Great Cause: Curing Rett Syndrome. WHEN: February 18th to 23rd, 2017 (5 nights and 4.5 days fishing) WHERE: Bairs´s Lodge, South Andros Island, Bahamas RATE PER PERSON:  $ 4,250.00 plus Bahamas Gov. Taxes. (includes 5 nights lodging at Bair’s Lodge, 4.5 days fishing with shared guide, all meals and drinks, taxes and transfer to/from lodge) NOTE: First with deposits secure the space. A wait-list will follow. *Since 2008 Casting 4 A Cure has raised more $300,000 for Rett Syndrome research and family support. Contact us now!

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Dorado Fly Patterns

Fishing Desk

In most cases, golden dorado prefer dark patterns that produce great silhouettes in tannin-colored waters. But there are situations when carrying a mixture of brighter colors can be effective. So don’t be afraid to experiment across the color spectrum. All flies should be tied on stout 1/0 to 3/0 hooks. Streamers can be tied from 4 to 6 inches long, or longer. However, it’s important that they’re light enough to cast. For the real big stuff, we recommend hydrophobic materials that shed water and therefore cast farther than a water-soaked piece of bunny strip. In order to make your flies more durable, add glue or epoxy throughout the tying process. Note: Using dark colours in flies are most effective for fishing Golden Dorado, although a mixture of colours can be useful. All flies should be tied on hooks ranging from 1/0 to 3/0. Streamers can be made to whatever length preferred, however it is important that it is light enough to cast. In order to make the flies more durable add glue or epoxy throughout the process of tying. All flies can be moderated in style or similar materials can be used to create the same effect. Andino Deceiver   Info: Andino Deceivers is arguable one of the best Golden Dorado flies around today. The reason they are so effective is the combination of 2 things: Firstly the bucktail head pushes a lot of water and secondly the flexible hackle gives the fly a good action.  Materials: Long Black/Yellow/Black and Orange/Black and Red/Black and Purple Hackles, Flashabou, Peacock hurl, Bucktail black, yellow dumbbell eyes, 2/0 to 3/0 or 210 Denier How to Fish: This can be fished with either floating or sinking lines, retrieving with long consistent strips. However when wading the fly can also be fished on the swing […]

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Fishing at Water

We are hoping to tag 1,000 fish that week -some on rod and reel some with nets. Clients are welcome and encouraged to be as involved in this process as they would like to be. But they can also just fish and let their money be used for a good cause. About Aaron Adams: Dr. Aaron Adams is the Director of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and a Research Associate Professor at Florida Institute of Technology. He has lived, worked, and fished on both coasts of the US, as well as throughout the Caribbean, where he has been conducting fish research for more than 25 years. His scientific focus has been on conducting applied research with conservation implications (from coral reef to recreational species), with particular interest in fish habitat ecology. Aaron has done it all in saltwater fly fishing -from guiding to science research. He penned all of the biology componets of Chico Fernandez’ famous book Bone Fishing as well as writing several books of his own – Fisherman’s Coast, Saltwater Prey, and The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Coastal Gamefish. Aaron is also the inventor of several fly patterns we use in South Andros to catch monster bones! He’s a great host and a wealth of information, he will be doing slideshows on bonefish conservation and what we have learned in these tagging programs as well as on what bonefish eat. Dates: Jan 10th – 16th, 2017 Rate per person: $4,795.00 plus Bahamas Gov. Tax (includes 6 nights lodging, 5 days fishing with shared room & guide, all meals and drinks, taxes and transfer to/from lodge) You protect what you love – Fish and support BTT! Call or email now to reserve your spot!

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Joe Drew

  What could be better? The great thing about a hosted trip is exceptional fishing at a top-notch lodge—but also combining that action with valuable lessons from a seasoned professional. And the only thing better than having one professional host is having two! Join Joe Mahler and Drew Chicone at Abaco Lodge for 5 nights and 4 days of bonefishing on the pristine flats of Abaco. Joe is one of America’s best casting instructors, and he will have you throwing tight loops into ocean breezes in no time, while Drew will help ensure that the fly you’re delivering with those improved casting skills is as “fishy” as possible. There are only 10 spots available for each week long session, and several of them are already spoken for.   2017 Dates March 1st – 6th (5 nights and 4 days Fishing) –  6 SPOTS AVAILABLE June 26th – July 1st (5 nights and 4 days Fishing) –  8 SPOTS AVAILABLE Rate per person $4,950.00 (includes 5 nights lodging in single room, 4 days fishing with shared guide, all meals and drinks, taxes and transfer to/from lodge) About Strip-Strike University Over the span of many trips, fly fishing buddies Drew Chicone and Joe Mahler noticed one common thread. Wherever the fly rod took them, they ended up teaching. Fly tying, casting, knots and rigging – you name it.  At every turn on every trip there was someone that would say “show me that cast” or “teach me to tie that fly.” And so Strip-StrikeUniversity was born. Strip-Strike schools are held in locations that offer a combination of great fly fishing and a setting that is conducive to learning and perfecting essential fly fishing skills in the most enjoyable way, conditions that Abaco lodge can easily cope with. Students will learn the finer points of what Chicone and Mahler call “TC&C” (tying, casting & catching).  Each day […]

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Kau tapen Lodge: March 28th – April 1st, 2016

Fernando and his group of Argentine amigos joined us for a shorter than usual five days this week. In the past this group has predominantly experienced high dirty water with the use of heavy colourful leeches being essential. So on the opening session of the week it was somewhat of a culture shock to suggest the use of green machines. Many of the anglers had never even seen this deadly creation, producing four inch long green leeches when asked did they possess one in their fly box. After four hours fishing all were convinced of its effectiveness with all anglers landing fish. Fernando had a particularly good session landing three fish, best of which was 14 pounds. For the first morning session of the week we were greeted by foggy overcast conditions with absolutely no wind. It is probably the first time I have experienced such conditions on the Rio Grande and it was most eerie. Guiding on Hills beat with father and son, Ricardo and Ricardo, I got them fishing seperate pools and warned them that the only audible noise to be made was a whistle to indicate a fish was on such was the poor visibility and stillness of the morning. Not long into the session a short sharp shrill was heard upstream and I was off at full tilt, net in hand. Upon arrival the single handed eight weight was doubled over and the long lazy head knocks indicated a fish well over 10 pounds. A tedious battle ensued with the end result being a 20 pound hen fish for Ricardo jnr. Julio and Guillermo did well the same morning both landing fish in the teen’s. A major drop in overnight temperatures midweek saw water temperatures plummet to four degrees celcius and the green machine tactic went […]

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Pira Lodge – End of Season 2016

Pira Fishing

The Dream Season Seasons, just like the name implies, are all about change. Some are challenging, where rewards are hard won. Others are easier, where seemingly every cast comes with the promise of a hard-pulling dorado. Seasons are about weather: Too much rain. Never enough rain. And seasons are about the fish. Where were they? Did they bite? And how much did they weigh? This past season at Pira Lodge was all of the above, but more than any one individual seasonal-ism, 2016 will be remembered for its great overall fishing. It was a dream season for all those involved. It’s always great to get back to the marsh to see how big the dorado are getting. This year our guides and clients found some HUGE ones. Starting in January we found healthy numbers large fish. High-water conditions also gave us ample opportunity to explore outside the main river and fish small channels that are typically dry. We found some spectacular mousing for mega dorado in these skinny-water haunts. February was also fantastic at Pira. With water levels dropping and cooling, golden dorado became active and aggressive. Stormy days with sweeping atmospheric pressure changes made the dorado go wild. Fishing in the marsh came to life with some exciting surface action. The Corrientes River, on the other hand, also fished well. We saw many fish in the 5- to 10-pound class, with a good number of 11- to 15-pound dorado. A special mention must be made of our Russian guest who landed a beastly 21.5 pounder, which is an excellent fish for Pira. Or anywhere for that matter. The good fishing theme continued through March—in the marsh and on the river and its productive side channels. It was a month of great visual takes and some great fish. Notably, another […]

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