Alto Paraná Lodge: End of Season

Alto Paraná Lodge – Fishing Report
End of Season 2014-2015

This season water levels were higher, but more stable than last year. Baitfish schools benefitted, spreading out along the banks, up and down the Alto Paraná River system. In January we still caught fish despite some severe rainstorms and marginal water clarity. By February and through the month of March conditions improved.

Pacú fishing, for instance, was superb. Almost all guests caught at least one of these strong fighters, most of them on fruit flies, and many of them while sight-casting in clear water. They were cruising the banks in good numbers this year. Pira Pita fishing, on the other hand, was more inconsistent, but we still caught some amazing specimens on dry flies. These hard fighters are becoming a favorite with both new and returning flyfishers.

As for BIG Dorado, Alto Paraná continues to produce… not every day, not every session, but those who put time and effort into the equation are often rewarded. Large dorado were active this summer, and we hooked some nice ones casting to baitfish schools. We also landed a few “golden torpedoes” while wading the river’s skinny sandbanks and intricate side channels. Line control, fast retrieves, strip-sets, accurate casting, and patience…. that’s dorado fishing. When it all comes together, prepare for the pull!

We’re looking forward to seeing you next season.

Fabian Anastasio

Fishing Manager, Alto Paraná Lodge

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