Chime Lodge: This January the fishing was excellent

Chime Lodge Fishing Report – January 2015


This January the fishing was excellent. Rivers are low due to a mild winter, and for now we’re fishing with floating lines and light rods.

In the early mornings and evening hours we used mostly mayfly immitations to imitate summer great hatches.
We also used small caddis hatches. The results included rainbow and brown trout between 17 “and 20” inches., as well. However at times, we were surprised by brown trout of 22” or 24” inches.

At midday, we used attractor flies such as PMXs, Fat Alberts, Chernobyls, and Hoppers.

The upper Chimehuin River is gin clear and continues to produce small trout (between 10 and 14 inches) and some rainbows up to 17 inches and browns about 20 to 22 inches.

The middle Chimehuin, downstream from the town of Junin is full of brown trout.

The lower Chimehuin River holds a mix of everything and has been fishing great

Collon Cura River: The best fishing is with minnow flies. We caught rainbow and brown trout in the 16” to 22” range.

Malleo River: Best for expert anglers. We went with Andrei (a guest from Estonia) and he caught one big brown trout around 26 inches! Very difficult to catch!

Alumine River: Water is currently very low. We used nymphs and dry-droppers. The catch included rainbows of around in the 15” to 19” range.

In general the weather was great, very hot days. Likewise, the best fishing is early in the morning and late in the evening.

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