Dorado On The Fly In Argentina: A Round Trip

Nervous Water’s Pirá Lodge, located in the Ibera Marshlands, near the headwaters of the Corriente River, was the first operation built for anglers wanting to exclusively target freshwater dorado on the fly. Today, the company offers three unique, first-class programs fully dedicated to the species. This diversity allows us to craft combination trips that allow you to explore a variety of Argentina’s best dorado waters.

Dorado, due to how they react to seasonal conditions, are one of those species that requires patience and planning. By booking a combination trip with Nervous Waters, you increase your odds of catching more fish. You also broaden your fishing horizons, seeing new riverscapes, learning new techniques, and exploring an array of prime dorado habitats. These trips are not only educational, they’re the makings of a true adventure.
ALTO PARANÁ LODGE – Chase freshwater’s grandest slam
Based out of a classic estancia on the upper section of the iconic Parana River, Alto Paraná Lodge is another dorado fishing must-see. Casting from custom made skiffs to bankside structure in the main river and across intimate tributaries is the standard. Considered slightly more technical than the waters of the Ibera, experienced casters will enjoy using floating lines and, sometimes, dry flies. A trophy-size dorado is the reward for flawless executions… and not just a random casualty. Our waters typically run clear/green and the fishing is done mostly casting under and right next to logs and near-shore structure-both prospecting and sight-fishing. In addition to dorado, these are some of the best waters in Argentina to experience two of the most interesting native species in the basin: pirá pitá and pacú. Both grow large, fight hard, and can be taken on dry flies.
PIRA LODGE – Your search for gold starts here
The first and most luxurious lodge fully dedicated to dorado fly fishing, at Pirá you’ll find crystal clear waters surrounded by open skies and ample solitude. You’ll also find a lot of fish. In recent years, our visiting anglers have landed more dorado on the fly than almost anywhere else in the world. The size range has been excellent, too, with substantial numbers of double-digit fish brought to hand. Pirá has become a trademark in terms of quality service, architectural style, and fine dining. Definitely at the high end of the fly-fishing experience.
The fishing is done both in small to medium size river channels either in the marsh or on the upper section of the Corriente River. Water flows crystal clear in this natural reservoir, offering sight-fishing opportunities and chances to fish both floating and sinking lines.
Dorado fishing in Argentina has many faces. Via Nervous Waters, you can now sample an array of country’s best dorado fisheries. These top-tier operations are geared for exploration and adventure, as well providing quality experiences both on and off the water.
 Available Combination Dates for Combo Program
(7 nights and 6 days fishing – 3 days fishing at each destination)
March 3rd – 10th: 6 rods
March 17th – 24th: 4 rods
April 7th -14th: 4 rods


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