First Campaign to Iberá Marshlands

In march 2015 the first campaign was held in southern Esteros del Ibera in order to begin studying the feasibility of work during the following season

Furthermore, within 5 days of fieldwork, several actions listed below were made:

  1. The first series of fishery data taken by guides from Pira Lodge were collected. The data were taken experimentally in early season using a specific Fisheries Information System (SIP).
  2. Was discussed with the guides the viability of notebooks designed to see if a change of format in order to optimize the collection of data was necessary.
  3. Management practices are also discussed when caught a fish that generate the lowest possible damage prior to its release.
  4. We worked in the fishing area used by the operation, mapping capture sites, transit and other characteristics of ecological and fishing interest.
  5. Government authority were contacted in order to create a collaborative work environment through the convergence of interests.
  6. Basic training for guides and rangers was performed in the collection of data on water quality and catches measurements.
  7. Specimens marking tests were conducted.
  8. Contact with researchers who are working in the area to work with them was taken.



Thus contact with stakeholders in the area was taken, and the first impression of the feasibility of the studies obtained to reformulate activities if necessary. The main conclusion was that the SIP generated appropriate data to the objectives of this first part of the study. They were obtained data of fishing effort (hours), catch per unit effort (fish/hour), the proportion of species caught, their sizes, and weights, in time and space, which will be used the first fisherie analysis.

Shortly, the first results will be here.

– Miguel A. Casalinuovo

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