Fishing Report Chime Lodge January 2017



Waters are low for this time of year and the fish are holding in deeper pools. Late afternoon dry-fly fishing has been productice using caddis (#18) and small adult and spinner mayfly immitations. Rainbows are holding in the tailouts. Browns prefer the riffles and more oxigenated water. Green worms from the willows are starting to show up and should continue to flourish with the hotter weather.



Water temps are running at 68 degrees F. and flows are low and slow due to our relatively dry winter. Riffles and long flats have been the most productive. We’re using 5X and lighter tippets and fishing green worms (#16-18), parachute Adams, and some pheasant-tails (#18). Good numbers of 12- to 18-inch rainbows are being caught as well as some larger browns.


Collon Cura

Water temps are warm, hovering around the low 70s. We recently floated from Rinconada to Balsa Vieja, a very nice 20-mile stretch. It’s running low, but fishing closer to the Chimehuin River confluence produced some big browns. In the late afternoons we’re having success with streamers.


Lake Tromen

Cicadas, dragonflies, PMX —in big sizes—are producing around boulders and along the cliff walls that flank the lake. Rainbows and browns seem to be concentrated

around any good structure. We’ve recently caught serveral browns exceeding 22 inches. Brook trout are also prevalent. For the best fishing target days with a light wind and slight chop on the water’s surface to help get casts close to wary fish.



There’s been a lack of hatches and daytime temperatures have been hot. Regardless, hoppers and various terrestrial patterns have been working great. Cicada and Madam Xs have been enticing plenty of 20-inch browns. Good rainbows from 16 to 19 inches are also present. Waters are still flowing at around 63 degrees and they continue to get warmer.


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