Fishing Report for the Futaleufú River – February 2016

The river has dropped significantly the past week and is running just above average height. With the drop in water level water clarity has returned to normal which requires the use of finer tippets during the late morning and early evening dry fly sessions. We regularly use 4x during lower light hours and 5x when required with full sun. Currently purple, pink, or red bodied Parachute Adams, Comparaduns and smaller Rams Head patterns are exceptionally effective on groups of picky rainbows. With the summer season in full swing the midday sun keeps fish deep during peak hours, it is imperative to have heavy sink tip line when fishing streamers for brown trout. As usual, morning and late afternoon/evening sessions are the most productive times for fishing in regards to both brown and rainbow trout. We regularly break after lunch in order to retire from the heat for an hour or two and begin again around 4 in the afternoon until about 7 in the evening when we return for a cocktail and appetizers before fishing the evening hatch from 8:30-10:00. I look forward to making your visit here at Futa as productive as possible!


-Head Guide Sam Zogran

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