Pirá Lodge: January Report 2017

This year marks one of the best seasons I’ve experienced in the Ibera wetlands. And we couldn’t have asked for a better start. Water conditions are lower than last summer, which has meant great fishing in both marsh and Corriente River zones. Water temperatures have been a fish-friendly 25 to 30 degrees C. And day by day we’ve been seeing more and more fish caught.

Spawning last year was highly successful. All along the river edges and shallow side-channels we’re finding juvenile dorado. These smaller fish are fun to target with floating lines and dry flies such as mouse patterns and skaters. In addition to dorado, we’re using the same techniques for pira pita.

Areas upstream of the lodge, deep in the marsh, have fished well. Here were finding good flows, plenty of forage, and piles of dorado in the 3- to 7-pound range. Downstream on the Corriente River we’re finding bigger dorado on streamers, using both floating and sinking lines (250-300 grains). These fish have ranged from 6 to 20+ pounds. And they’re abundant. We’ve been finding big schools of larger fish, for instance, in areas of faster water.

Last week we saw impressive numbers of sabalo in the river and the marsh. We also caught lighter-colored dorado, with worn fins that look like they came from Parana River. Weather for now remains stable—hot and humid as to be expected for this time of year.

Total number of dorado caught from Jan. 7-31: 612


—Jose Caparros, Pira Lodge Fishing Manager

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