Pira Lodge: Mid -January Report, 2018

The year started with some excellent fishing, and we continue to see good numbers of dorado throughout the system.

Juvenile fish are concentrated in the upper marsh. These aggressive dorado will smash almost anything, including gurglers and skated mouse patterns. In the Corriente River, on the other hand, we’re finding more of the larger adults. Sinking line techniques in the deeper channels have produced some remarkable fish. Guests have also done well prospecting the banks with floating line presentations. Finally, don’t overlook the side-channels! There are several double-digit dorado currently lurking around these skinny water haunts.

So far this season, water levels are lower and clearer than average. And there are sections of the marsh where you feel like you’re fishing in an aquarium. In addition to some good dorado fishing, pira pita action—on both drys and streamers—has been great. We’re also picking up a few surubi; an exotic catfish with amazing colors and unique patterning.

Our guest Cheryl B. had a fun week, which began with her landing a supercharged 12-pound dorado. The fish made off with so much backing that we were forced to release the anchor and chase it downstream. Cheryl went on to cap her visit with a 16.5-pound beast. Michael’s stacked 14-pounder, all shoulders, is also worth noting. Congrats to you both.

Besides the great fishing, awesome wildlife watching abounds these days. We’re seeing large flocks of storks and egrets in the air, as well as marsh deer, capybara, and plenty of cayman prowling the banks.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jose Caparros

Pira Lodge Fishing Manager

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