Kau Tapen Lodge – Guide’s week: Dec 29, 2018 -Jan 5, 2019

Guide’s week: the very, very first week of the season, even before the first group of clients arrive. For us, this is a very important week. Not only because we are beyond excited to be back on the river again, but to give our new guides the chance to thoroughly get to know the water. During the winter, high water and ice can change the river bed dramatically and many times you will see pools that have changed a lot compared to previous seasons. Hence, for all of us, it is paramount to walk the banks and check on the pools. Gravel shifts gets washed away and new spots could appear, while old ones might vanish.

Upon our arrival, the river was in great shape! It had cleared up to a very pleasing visibility and the water level was just about perfect. While the weather here never became too warm (between 10 and 16 °C during daytime), snow melt up in the mountains didn’t cause the water level or temperature (always between 10 and 14 °C) to fluctuate too much, it thankfully stayed very constant throughout the entire week.

Overall, the river conditions are looking very promising for the first group of clients to arrive! As for the fish: It seemed like the very first run of fish had been a solid one, as we saw quite a lot of (already colored) fish in the upper part. However, more silver fresh fish are showing in the lower Kau Tapen waters and news from the lower river sound very promising for the next days and weeks.

Guide’s week is not only important for us to get to know the river again and check on all the beats, it is a very important team building phase for all guides and staff here. Personally, I believe we have a great team of guides this year, that will make for a lot of fun on and off the water. All of us are very much looking forward to the season and to welcome our first group of guests.
Stay tuned for our following River Diaries, as we go into the season!

~ Paulo Hoffmann, Kau Tapen Fishing Guide

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