Huge Fish at The End of the World


A week prior to the first guest arrivals, the odd fish was trickling into the mid-stretch of the Rio Grande, where Kau Tapen waters are located. However, the clients were welcomed with a bang! Massive tides, a dropping river, and low cloud cover created perfect conditions to get the week started off just right.

The fishing exceeded everyone’s expectations. Fish of the week went to angler Fred Clough from Maine, U.S.A. His monstrous doe measured 100cm (39.4 inches) and weighed an estimated 27-30 pounds. He battled the wind with his 9-foot single-handed rod while everyone else was throwing double-handers. A trophy well earned and well deserved.

A month later, the river is still pretty low, but running cold and clear. As with the last few weeks, this meant opportunities for some great technical fishing. Small heavy nymphs, and slow-sinking/intermediate tips and good presentations made all the difference. After sunset, small Sunrays were fished with confidence, often producing three or four fish during the last minutes of the day.


At Villa Maria, the river’s course changed noticeably during spring floods and fresh fish entering the system were forced to adjust, seeking the best new spots to stop and gather.

During these first days, our guides witnessed good numbers of chrome fish charging upstream. Timing was key. And adapting to the fast-changing circumstances called for a mixed-bag of presentations: everything from Type-8 sinking tips and weighted Rubber-Legged flies to delicately swinging Prince Nymphs on intermediate tips.

The latest reports from the Rio Grande indicate that the previous week has been the most productive so far. Weather has been pleasant: not too windy, nor too cold. And fishing has been consistently good during the day, with activity peaking around twilight. It’s also worth noting that we recently had a full moon and during two clear and very bright nights the fish were less active than usual.

A variety of flies have been used without a clear overall winner. We’ve skated drys, fished nymphs near the surface, we’ve dredged some pools with tiny flies, and have used more traditional Rio Grande style streamers. Ultimately, everything seemed to work when fished properly. As for lines, everything from longer intermediates to short, heavy tips have produced. So no clear winner in this category either. As always, good presentations were more important than the line itself.


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