Introducing Conservation Weeks

Nervous Waters core mission has always revolved around conservation. Since our founding, we’ve remained committed to preserving our natural resources and the communities connected to our operations. Over time, we’ve backed various charitable causes and local communities, laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. Our goal is to make the most of every conservation investment, fostering sustainable development within these communities and securing our fishing areas for future generations.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce “Conservation Weeks” for the upcoming seasons. These thoughtfully crafted weeks, held at your preferred The Kautapen Group (mother brand of Nervous Waters) destinations, will be the cornerstone of our philanthropic work. We empower you to choose the Conservation Week Trip that aligns best with your interests and favored sporting species.

BTT: Bonefish & Tarpon trust week @Abaco Lodge

October 10th to 15th, 2024

Hurricane Dorian unleashed its fury on the northern Bahamas just over four years ago, leaving Abaco Lodge, Marsh Harbour, and much of Grand Bahama in ruins. Although the island’s infrastructure and communities have made strides in recovery, the lingering scars from the floodwaters still require our attention and aid.

Introducing Project Mangrove on October 10-15th, 2024.

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian, a catastrophic Category 5 storm, wreaked havoc on Abaco and its expansive Abaco Marls. The vital Mangroves of the Marls, essential for the fishery and ecosystem, sustained severe damage. These coastal forests act as critical nurseries for juvenile fish and offer protection against storm surges.

Dorian’s impact disrupted the delicate balance of the ecosystem, profoundly affecting marine life. Recovery efforts must prioritize not only rebuilding infrastructure but also restoring these pivotal mangrove habitats for the long-term health of the fishery and coastal environment.

Partnering with BTT (Bonefish & Tarpon Trust), we’ve established a program enabling you to participate in mangrove planting during select hours amidst your fishing days, scheduled according to tidal conditions. Alongside the regular fishing trip at Abaco Lodge, evenings will feature informative meetings during dinner, offering insights into BTT’s remarkable regional work and highlighting the importance of mangroves for the entire Bahamian community and wildlife.

Join us from October 10th to 15th, 2024, for an unforgettable week of lodging, fishing, and hands-on mangrove planting while supporting this groundbreaking cause. Nervous Waters is committed to donating 50% of the trip’s revenue to BTT. Embrace our “Conservation Weeks” and let’s safeguard the Mangroves together. 

Dorado Conservation week @ PRO & Suindá Lodge

September 21st to 28th, 2024

Our company’s deep connection to Argentina’s native species and their habitats resonates profoundly with us. Over the years, we’ve traversed the Paraná River system, chasing golden dorado from the crystal lagoons of Pirá Lodge in the Iberá Marshlands to Suindá Lodge and Paraná River Outfitters along the Paraná’s sandbars and riachos. Concerns raised by our guides about the lack of fishery regulation along the Paraná River, particularly regarding dorado and pacú, spurred the formation of the Asociación De Pescadores Deportivos Del Litoral (APDL). This NGO is committed to preserving the river’s ecosystem.

Through our collaboration with APDL, we’ve initiated a program inviting you to responsibly safeguard our native gamefish species—Dorado, Pacú & Pira Pitá—in the Paraná River watershed. Your trip’s proceeds will support APDL in acquiring a 17-foot patrol boat with a 115HP motor and hiring a full-time Wildlife Ranger to enforce fishing regulations. Nervous Waters pledges to donate 50% of the week’s revenue to ADPL.

Join us from September 21st to 28th, 2024 for an unforgettable fishing experience across Suindá & PRO fishing while championing this remarkable cause during our “Conservation Weeks” dedicated to protecting the Paraná River.

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