Kau Tapen Lodge – February 21 – 27, 2015

As you know, there’s always something to be learned when flyfishing. So I’m wary when someone calls himself an absolute “expert”—unless that person is veteran KT guide Max Mamaev. He comes pretty close.

This week, we all learned a few important things: the first being the positives that come from practicing new techniques before venturing as far as Tierra del Fuego. Our group of intrepid anglers from Nebraska did exactly that. None had cast a Spey rod before, so they went out and sought instruction, bought casting DVDs, and tested what they’d learned on their local river. What a massive difference that made! We gave them a few tweaks and adjustments, and they were casting well—and catching fish—from the get-go.

The fishing this week was marked by a continuation of technical, low water conditions. Although we did see a brief spike and slight water discoloration toward week’s end. Overall, sea trout numbers were decent and all 9 rods caught fish above 15 pounds… the largest being a 22 pounder.

Finally, we gave Gianni a special prize for his faithful patronage at Kau Tapen. This was his 22nd week! And he earned himself a Sage One rod tube. (We’ll give him the rod on the next 22nd week anniversary!)

Hope to see you on the water soon,

—Kau Tapen Guide Team


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