Kau Tapen Lodge: March 21-27, 2015

Fishing Report: Mar 21-27, 2015 – By James Topham


Martin Carranza, Florida guide and Nervous Waters partner at Chime Lodge brought a group of his friends and clients down south for a taste of the famous giant patagonian sea trout.

Most were accomplished single hand fisherman, but all but one had experience with a double handed rod. Normally that would mean a few casting demonstrations with the double hander, and refining techniques throughout the week, something the guides at KT are very accustomed to. This, however, proved unnecessary.

This week was incredibly unusual for the inexplicable absence of wind. The first few days were bright and sunny, with no wind. The last couple days were overcast and cool, with no wind. There was no wind in the mornings, none in the afternoons, and none in the evening. It was uncanny, freakish, and we wondered if all of a sudden the mother of all gales would make up for all the quiet days, but it didn’t arrive. With low, clear water, and no wind to speak of, it meant the anglers could stay well within their comfort zone and make delicate presentations with single handers without difficulty. The fish respond well and most of the anglers caught their fish of a lifetime. Notable catches were a 22lb fish by Ed (who only started fly fishing 5 years ago and was one of the few to persist with a double hander- defiantly one of the quickest learners the guides have worked with!); John caught a beautiful 23lb fish on his last night and Jo landed a very unusual catch indeed. An estimated 25lb CHINOOK (no doubt very lost) found itself attached to the end of Jo’s line.

It was a great way to finish off the season, a friendly group, good fishing and great weather.
A big thanks goes out to the lodge managers Carolina and Alehandro for running such a tight ship. The excellent reports about the lodge and food and general service meant that the guides could focus on the fishing, knowing that their clients were well looked after, well fed, relaxed and comfortable.
I’m really proud of the guide team. An estimated 672 hours was spent on the river, more often than not in adverse weather conditions. They all produced consistent results without complaint, impressing clients to the very last hour of the season. It takes a special breed to take a battering like that for three months and do it with good humour. It was a privilege working with all of you: Max Mamayev, Santi Villalba, Pablo Brusa, Diego Sepulveda, Kristjan Gunnarsson, Jamey Cloete, Gaston Guglielminetti. Well done boys.

Of course Kau Tapen would be an empty shell if it wasn’t for you, the guests. The staff and guides would like to thank each and every one of you for your patronage, sportsmanship, friendship and generosity. We hope we get to see you in the near future.

James Topham
Head Guide
Kau Tapen Lodge, Rio Grande

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