Kau Tapen Lodge – Week 2: January 8th to 15th, 2022

After a memorable first week with guests that was a bit earlier than we usually start our season, we found ourselves with another week to scout the river and prepare for the few months ahead. We rested the main pools for most of the time and spent our efforts looking for different holding areas on both the Grande and the Menendez. The upper Menendez was not fished in the first weeks, but all guides spent some time here and the small river is looking in great shape as we look forward in the season. New roads were also constructed along both the lower and upper Menendez to help you get to the fishing faster and in a comfortable fashion!

            Fishing conditions were fairly difficult at the start of the week, as the water continued to drop and high winds were present for a few days straight. This decreased the water clarity when the wind was present, but it quickly cleared after. As far as fishing techniques go, not much changed from the weeks prior, except adjusting leader length and fly size to the dropping water level.

            On the bright side, fresh fish were spotted entering the river daily, many in immaculate condition. When these chrome trout show up right from the ocean into your beat, you often see them, but sometimes are rewarded with multiple bites or fish in quick succession. As we move into the next week with a new group of guests once again, both the heavy rain on Saturday and the approaching full moon tides have us optimistic for the fishing to come. During the first evening’s warmup session, fish were seen in all beats, with some hooked and landed. Hopefully, the changing conditions will bring a breath of fresh air to the river and all of us here anticipate some good action in the coming days. 

For current updates from the river, be sure to follow our social media accounts (@kautapenlodge and @nervous_waters). Thank you for joining us to appreciate this special place and we hope to see you all on the water soon!

Tight Lines,

Max Kantor – Kau Tapen Guide 2021/22

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